EPIC SPACE COMBAT! | Dreadnought Gameplay Multiplayer

Dreadnought is an online multiplayer game where you must pilot massive Spaceships and control them to destroy your enemies! It’s great!

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Outro Song:
‘Chiptune Does Dubstep’ by Teknoaxe
License: Royalty Free


EPIC SPACE COMBAT! | Dreadnought Gameplay Multiplayer


Adam Almond says:

The corvette invisibility seems to work like a hunter from destiny’s invisibility. It does not make you invisible at all, it just makes you kind of blurry.

Klutaq says:

is this game still around?

TYrone29 says:

To be honest I thought the thumb nail was a gun but it turned out to be a ship!

Brian Haney says:

pls more…pls

Killer truth says:

infinite warfare

Zombiewithabowtie says:

If you look close at the enemy HUD, you can see little grey symbols between their health bar and player name. Those correspond to your own ship abilities, and when the symbol turns green, they are within effective range, so missiles will lock on, autoguns will track, they’ll get caught in blast pulses etc. That’s why some of your torpedo attacks just wandered off and did their own thing.

Chroma Josef says:

DO more!

James Barricklow says:

Do more!!!

Aurora says:

9:00 That literally is the UNSC Infinity from Halo but a lot smaller, right?

MCKnight641 says:

did any one else see one of the characters hair is glitched when they pop up in the top left screen (the womans hair)

LifeWulf says:

Mr. Fruit, you should try to play this with the Dream Team. Teamwork and communication is how you excel in this game; that, and nukes.

Just ask Jesse Cox!

Wazum Melon says:

Is this PC only?

Se7enAcidicTV says:

Good vid dude + that ‘At Worlds End quote was dead on 😉
Keep it up <3

Jakob Thompson says:

DIS IS AWESOME! I wanna try…

Asriel Dreemurr says:


Benson Uy says:

More like a f*cking


plz do more episodes! 🙂

ham wil says:

This guy doesn’t shut up!

MLG anime tits says:


Goran Tole says:

Extra video + comments 🙂

Estebeaner16 Aguilar says:

You should do more videos of this game. It looks sick!

justin van vliet says:

Please more

J Lammy says:

Cool game you should make some more vids on it!!

Ryan T says:

people who read Armada: heavy breathing

WarmHandSanitizer says:

Jesus Christ your fake accents and commentary are so cringy and annoying. Edit: I watched a little bit more to see if maybe you were starting off a little goofy, but no, it’s like you watched the FilmCow channel and decided that would be your entire personality

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