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Welcome to Duelyst! Duelyst the “Ultimate Collectible Tactics Game”. The focus is on squad-based combat on a tactical map with fast-paced multiplayer battles.
Check out Duelyst: https://bit.ly/duelystfun

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Duelyst Gameplay Overview:

Duelyst is a tactical turn-based strategy game with a heavy focus on ranked competitive play, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from Diablo III, Rogue Legacy, and the Ratchet & Clank series.

The focus is on squad-based combat on a tactical map with fast-paced multiplayer 1v1 battles where victory comes from defeating your opponent’s General. At launch, there will be five unique factions with a roster of 100+ battle units and spells.

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Duelyst Gameplay Features:

– Customize Your Battle Squad: Select from a roster of 100+ battle units and spells, each with different stats and abilities that interact in unique ways during combat. No squad or battle will play out the same.

– Skill-Based Tactical Combat: The emphasis is on unit positioning, understanding your squad’s capabilities, anticipating your opponent, and maintaining board control. At it’s core, it’s a tactical tabletop board game without all the manual math calculations.

– Competitive Multiplayer: Find equally matched players to play head-to-head anytime in Ranked Normal or Ranked Draft mode on various competitive tiers.

– Short Sessions: Each game session is designed to be played in less than 30 minutes, so players can engage in competitive skill-based games without investing hours towards a single session.

– Unlockables: Winning multiplayer matches and completing objectives in Single Player will unlock new battle units, spells, and alternate skins. Every battle unit and spell is earned by spending time playing the game.

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Want more information for Duelyst? Check out these links:

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=237188187

Play Duelyst Free: https://duelyst.com/

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Special thanks to the developers for sponsoring this video and sending me some spirit orbs to help build a deck!

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Not trying to hate on this game or anything but the explanation that he said kinda sounds like clash royale

Kanochoo says:

so kind of like hearthstone

Wizborg says:

It really is inspired by Hearthstone!!!

NinJartist 36 says:

duelyst? more like wizard 101 2.0

Pearse Delaney says:

This game bores me it would be better if the characters on the field circle was clear and wasn’t blurry

TA. Zmart6 says:


Starbucksteve says:

It sounds kinda like magic duels but a little different in lots of ways

Juan Martin Vasconez says:

I downloaded this game today and it is awesome. It is so refreshing to see a game like this. I used to play heartstone and I even bought the expansion packs and honestly this game is better. Hearthstone is a great game but honestly it seems as a pay to win game, and dont misunderstand me Blizzard does great games but sometimes hearthstone just seems too hard because of all this hardcore players with tons of legendary cards. I honestly think that this game takes some great elements from hearthstone, adds new elements and creates an awesome game

Nathan Lewis says:

start: Ooh, nice art
2:30 Pfft, hearthstone rip off. But nice art
3:00 Wow, it’s actually a tile-based thing like fire emblem! This looks cool with the cards
I’ll be trying this out, doesn’t look too bad.

Robert HUN says:

I was even inthe beta and still love this game … hearthone is only played by more people because that’s the first , that’s Blizzard , and that’s not indie

alma velic says:

more! more! more!!!!!!

Fenné says:

i didn’t think much of the game and didn’t think i would like it… then i downloaded it and i played it 4h non stop thanks for playing this awesome game xD

It's Just Blaze says:

please dont become one of those youtubers who explain their day before playing ( that’s the reason why vlogs exist )

Arda Kökyazıcı says:

Blits i love your wideos but PLEASE read the card discriptions

Max Harrison says:

thanks blitz for leaving the link I really want to play this

Crawmerax Killer says:

Over watch

PIRO GAMING piro gamer says:

And I love your videos

Alan Bellwood says:


Wafflez-_-Cizzors says:

Do you need to be online for every interaction/game? Like would it be possible for me to play on a plane without wifi? Like just the practice or non-online features?

Connor Klabo says:

love the new vid keep up

Ginny Rose says:

I love this game been playing it for a while now! and its fun u describe it the way i do to people a mix between Hearthstone and chess =D and i will add i never put money into it and you really dont have too.

AllOfTheAbove .H says:

Sponsored or not I love the fact that you made a video on this game. Been playing it for awhile now and am simply in love with it.

Fahmi Meiwardhani says:

is it pixel style? i tought they make it with Transistor style

Azhar Mohamed says:


Original Name says:


Hsm Hsm says:

cool game

Evan Landau says:

please continue this series.

Ziggs says:

I was in the closed beta, didn’t really like it but I guess I can try again

Sterling Harnett says:

You should play seven days to die

駱勤耕 says:

My favorite Youtuber plays my favorite game?Holy crap it’s Christmas.( Д ) ⊙ ⊙

Aodhan Sage says:


Hershey Lollipop says:

more more more!!!!

Mark Enry says:

play no man’s sky

Ted Armatas says:

Super cool game thanks blitz

Crawmerax Killer says:

his hero looks like Reinhardt from overeatch

Christopher Pie says:

Don’t listen to hate about sponsored videos

Link x2 says:

me gusta

SeiraWasTaken says:

no offense but for 20 hours of experience you’re pretty bad strategy-wise

Анатолий Перельман says:

Duelyst = Chess 20% and 80% MTG or other standard ccg. But still, a lot of random things that you can’t control. 🙁

Tommy Pfrommer says:

This game looks cool

Connor Ike says:

This game looks like it’s garbage

kosHACKER says:

Can somebody tell me Dyelyst system requirements? I tried to find them but even on official site no information.

PIRO GAMING piro gamer says:

I don’t like pixelated games.

Matthew Callaway says:

Very good for them they sponsored you this is where I found the game XD Never would’ve seen it otherwise *realizes I am not subbed* wait how did this pop up? is it cuz I watched Magicka Wizard wars? probably *subs*

Dayze 213 says:

OMFG I keep seeing people being sponsored for this game… Its been out for a while and it is awesome! far less rng than hearthstone. the damn packs give you legendary cards far farrrrr more often than hearthstone…. The BS about p2w or pay to advance is nonsense.

AllOfTheAbove .H says:

Won’t let me edit my comment, but I’d love to see you play more of this!

Kain Yusanagi says:

….Oy vey, Blitz. The provoke minion said it dispels anything that attacks it. Why would you ever attack it with your regenning angel?!

Jeremy Reese says:

So it is PoxNora?

Jack M says:

Can u please do no mans sky when it comes out

Evan Samano says:

i had an alpha key but it would not let me in 🙁

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