Drone Swarm – Alpha Combat Gameplay (commented) [ENG]

Official Website: http://droneswarmgame.com

First alpha gameplay of Drone Swarm, our Space RTS where you control 32,000 drones.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/sasGames

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Jasper Chavasse says:

What happened to Son of Nor?

jovub says:

Looks really fun, will keep an eye for it.

Deathroll1988 says:

This is a really cool game concept.

Никита Титов says:

Shut up and take my money!!!))

Clackson Hale says:

Very cool. Cheers.

Space Game Junkie says:

Hey, this looks really cool and I’d love to learn more. Please contact me so we can talk coverage on my channel and website. 🙂

Kraosdada Fusfus says:

They move like a mighty and really big Drill. A Drill that breaks right through Heaven and Earth and even Tomorrow.

manwiththemachinegun says:

Super cool! Tthough the drones seem to be the bread and butter of this game, are there any plans for either the mothership to have some offensive ability, or having a small, balanced escort fleet? I love the concept, but it would be nice to have an actual small fleet in support of the drones as well.

F Pereira says:

Outstanding concept and the final art. Swarm motion is a movie like thing! Great work!

Robert Oortwijn says:

Impressive concept guys! Did you base this of Shallow Space? The way everything works and looks reminds me a lot of that game.

Benedikt Niedernhuber says:

What engine has this been built on ? Does it take up a lot of RAM ?

City Hunter says:

Ender’s Game Tactical gameplay with Matrix drones? Nice!

Michael S says:

This is brilliant! I think i’ll stop my C++ work for a while when this is released! Great work guys!

stretchchris1 says:

The “VAN-GUE-ARD”? 3:37

Yaza 96 says:

so nice i love this game it looks so cool

Ricardo Valenzuela says:


Valentine Obasuyi says:

Is it 3d movement? Up and Down?
Awesome and feels like real innovation in the genre none the less.

AbneyParkMCY says:

This is one of the most original games i have yet seen, and seems really fun, just hope there will be lot of content to play with 🙂

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