Destiny 2 | How To Get No Turning Back Combat Bow PvP Gameplay Review | Forsaken DLC

Destiny 2 how to get no turning back combat bow pvp gameplay review forsaken dlc


Fulfilled Meat says:


Daniel Salomao says:

Paid do you play on pc ps4 or xbox?

Yoglers says:

Can free to play players get a bow? Like can you get from crucible or gunsmith engrams?

AdeptSlayer 1791 says:

Try using bow with empowering rift to get 1 shot kills.

naif al sahil says:

so do u need the dlc to get the bow or not

Estebom says:

I’m loving forsaken so much its awesome

Paul Rawson says:

Bow look brill just need sec weapon with quick draw use it like fighting lion


You must have the forsaken DLC to get this bow

Aj Collins says:

I wish my internet was on

Predator 117 says:

I obtained the bow and took it into pvp. I wasn’t expecting to do good as I had never used in in pvp but damn is it fucking good. Headshot and a body is all you need. And it’s accurate af.

Aj Collins says:

And that he Shoulder charged me that son of a was funny

Alex Ojieda says:

it’s kinda bullshit how I have to buy the first 2 dlc’s before I can even buy this one and unlock all the cool new stuff. probably just gonna pre order fallout 76 or get spiderman instead of spending all that money on basically just weapons, gear, and cosmetics

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