Dead in Vinland Gameplay #2 – READY FOR COMBAT!

Dead in Vinland Gameplay impressions with Splat! Let’s Play Dead in Vinland and check out a new survival crafting game where you’ll manage a family attempting to survive after being blown off course!

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Lance Uppercut says:

Maybe I missed it, why can’t he cook the food?

Eric Neiman says:

Loving this. Thanks!!

Alessandro De Serio says:

Hey can i have glyph for ps4 pls?

Johannes S. Nielsen says:

This game is ridiculous addictive! I think I said 1 more day and an hour later I had to just cut it…

Nelis Gamer says:

Great game so far!

Dylan Walters says:

Hell yeah, loving the game

Chro Chro says:

Full series please!!

Robert Paul says:

Yes more please

Pierre Martinent says:

Yeeeeeeeeee Splatty keep it up!!

Laura Smith says:

Full play-through please!

AGamingYogi says:

Gotta try this game, gotta honor my Danish ancenstry haha

Martin Miesi says:

Another god game for twitch. I can happily see you smashing this in a chilled stream.

Lucas Liam says:

First like first view first comment

Robert Turton says:

5:25 love the outlander reference Splatt

Mighty L says:

this is great keep making more plz

mrtop hat says:

negan the viking?

AJ Memes says:

Second comment

sonofkabisch says:

6:30 No more Mister Knives Guy…

tomppa jomppa says:

Dead in Finland

Myrdin says:

Uuuuh the combat looks nice !
If you can get more people for your camp later in the game to make something that looks more like a settlement, that would be pretty damn cool !

That antagonist though… thats the lamest one I´ve seen in a long time. “Me evil coz me evil ! Me got no character depth so me evil and shoutin !” Ugh..

James Rye says:

Kairi got the good forest skill? Man, you’re unlucky. Eririk had it in my play-through and she had stealth and exploration the highest which made her perfect for scouting the map while Eirik was getting wood and the wife was building stuff. Can’t wait to see your village grow. 😀

199022009 says:

I’m late. Moar plez

Hello from the other side 2.0 says:

More plz

WyrdWizard says:

more please

solarlancer1 says:

do a few episodes of this

Jonathan Santiago says:


Jolly Jester says:

Dat ‘Eadcleava git waz roight orky he waz, n’ ya went n’ made’im even more orky wit da roight n propa orky voice ya did! Now dat’z one fighty git iz kan get behind! Dis island ain’t fit fer no puny weaklin’ humiez n’ kowardly grotz! ‘Eadcleava gonna fix dat problem real killy-like wit hiz big ol choppa he will, he will! Youz gitz betta hand ova all ya shiny bitz before wez spill yer fleshy bitz, ya ‘ear?!

DarkComet250 says:

| 16:10 I think those potions had some side effects… Watch the sister/aunt’s (the which) eyes. Her eyes work normally again about 20-30 seconds later.

sindrebo //sindre says:

Did u know vinland was what eric the red named america when he discovered it soooo u r playing dead in america
PS Norway 4 the win

Perfume of Twilight says:

In age of Vikings there wasn’t term such is depression. Its 2000s gay crap, which makes this game fake, and gay too.

Rayane Bouzroura says:

Dude honestly
Great content as always keep it up

Lastghostwolf says:

play more

Gabriel Alcaraz says:

Yes!! Keep playing this game love it!! …. more episodes please !!

M.Chip says:

This should be longer series Splat. Pls make it longer

JaggerNaught says:

You truly have a knack for story telling. thanks for not just reading the dialog but giving various voices to them as well. you rock

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