Dauntless | NEW Combat Gameplay & Stamina Explained

A recent Dauntless blog post from combat designer Chris Fox gives us a better look at some combat gameplay.
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Sound Card: On-board 7.1 Audio


vs Straightflush says:

I don’t feel like there is any impact or something like that…it looks like your character cuts those beasts with some kitchen knife… I know these are giant monsters but meh, I think I’m just used to gore.

OrthodoxGod says:

I just hope the gameplay is a lot faster-paced because this is borderline snail-paced xD

Neeroke says:

I love MH and Dark souls combat, put em together you cant go wrong.
Although the graphics look kind of kiddish? which is alright but IMO it makes the game play look slow for some odd reason. With MH and Dark souls the monsters look menacing or flourished or “dark” made it an intense battle. Hearing drums and orchestral music while fighting a monster that looks like this, doesn’t really hit me. But thats just me.

AlphA NeoX says:

We’ll just have to wait and see how it develops. The animations are really rough, i hope they focus on making them better. This better not be another “Lords of the Fallen trying to mimic Soulsborne” fiasco.

Latin Cear says:

So, the possibility of magic weapons and attacks: what do you guys think of that?

Baba Joe says:

I can t wait

Carlos Juarez says:

This is free and on ps4 right

dirtyanimal - says:

Looks like fucking garbage

Dizintegrator says:

Wow, what a unique concept: stamina bar… not like thousands of hack and slash game used it since 1996…

The Bystander says:

It’s pre-alpha, quit bitching about the gameplay.

Steven Gutierrez says:

Very cool, i’ma keep my eye on this game.

Andrew Chaney says:

The one thing that keeps me not too hyped is that from what I’ve seen, the monsters look sluggish and slow, not in animations, but in they’re actual attacks, it looks very very easy

USMC'SGamingNetwork says:

Looks terrible

Goldenblakcon says:

after playin.. vindictus, MH, B&S, BDO.. combat looks rather boring

Borovier says:

Have they said anything about crafting armors and weapons out of the monsters?, that was my favorite feature from Monster Hunter games :v

xMono says:


EvilHero KnightS says:

Need to insert epic bgm. This game will be awesome

蔡浩哲 says:

Monster Hunter*

Darkmatt3r says:

Looping a 4 second video is not called gameplay .

Lippa100 says:

i just hope the game will have a SHIT TON of different behemoths with different mechanics to kill them. It looks already like core gameplay mechanics will be fun but its not gonna hold for very long if youre gonna the same monsters over and over again…

adhad dawdaw says:

needs to be a tiny bit of screen shake when you connect meaty hits, imo.

Mr Cwazy says:

I have a lot of faith in this game! hopefully it goes on ps4 as well 🙂

Lev ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ Infinite says:

If you’re hype about this, go take a look at RaiderZ.

We let that game die to Tera apparently.

EQOAnostalgia says:

It’s F2P? Well that sucks…

Felidor says:

Why must this be free to play… I would rather just pay $60 for it instead. Guarantee this takes on the pay to win model.

SgtGrimmVegas says:

Seems like a bad monster hunter.

MonsterTeegs says:

The combat looks painfully slow and the art style is meh for me. Armour design also seems a little bland. That said it does look fun but I would say this is to monster hunter what Lords of the Fallen is to Dark Souls based on what I’ve seen so far.

SkitZ GaminG says:

this combat would put me to sleep

Sugar Foot Draco says:

wat console is it

Richard Johnson says:

thumbs up if you have any questions instead of selling all your food stamps to another dimension aka our world country simulator.

I just clicked the suggested words on the top of the Android keyboard and that’s what it wrote.

camtasia1000 says:

I don’t know if it’s just me but I kind of hate how the monster is unresponsive? When the guy is fighting the monster for example, the monster looks as if it’s not paying attention(3:32). It just seems as if the monster isn’t fighting backing and doing all that it can to survive.

Сергей Бадрянов says:

Overall graphics looks ok. Dont like armor/weapon designs they look like plastic toys. Combat looks bad – slow and weightless and it’s the most important part. No point in playing this game if it plays worse than oldest mh games.

Einswald Lighthalzen says:

looks decent…

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