Dauntless | New Combat Gameplay & Hands-On Impressions

Here’s a look at some new Dauntless combat gameplay and my hands on impressions from the Alpha.
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PROJECT: Yi says:

we wont be able to play this until closed beta ends right? even if u alrdy signed up

Budi Muliadi Wirawan says:

eventho dauntless creator said they make this game isnt based on MH, but as we can see the game mechanics and the gameplay soo similar. but now MHWorld have a massive improvement in their graphics and gameplay mechanics, so it is about time daumtless will go downhill~

iFight says:

Just another pay to win scam.
Everequest: Next all over again. Even the same developers.

Der Julien says:

i think visually the theme clashes with the feeling, its too cartoony to make the monsters appear dangerous … well time to write a nice sweetfx shader ^^

WraithWyvern says:

This game reminds me too much of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s combat which I never want to be reminded of. This game does have some potential, but it needs a lot more work in order to compete with Monster Hunter. However, this game is free to play and so its primary competition is mostly other free to play games. Hopefully this game will act like a free starter for people to get into games like Monster Hunter.

Stuff that needs some work:
Monster designs, movesets, AI, difficulty, Camera control, basically a lot of core stuff

What doesn’t need work:
The story
the story is all that it needs to be for a game like this

RawrFoxington says:

Considering the co-operative nature of these games I’m appalled by the godawful attitude the MH community has towards games of a similar nature. Why would a community condemn a game that could spark more games like Monster Hunter? Game looks great and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. Regardless of how snarky and awful a lot of the MH community can be, I can say I welcome this game and others like it with open arms. Cheers!

TheRoyalAnubis says:

How long will the closed beta last?

Adams M.N says:

this game is like a hack and slash version of dota2

JackMCrazyfish says:

I feel bad for them, Capcom shat on them with the MH world announcement. I legit though capcom would be too retarded to capture the western pc audience.

Rump Buffalo says:

I’ve played several of the technical alpha tests and I’ve been VERY VERY disappointed by the gameplay, and the fight/encounter design specifically. It just feels muddy, the difficulty is non-existent, some of the weapons feel… just bad. I was really surprised because I expected quite a bit more from it.

Floris Ording says:

When does the game come out? When iTS free 2 play

Latch says:

AUGUST 18TH IS MY BIRTHDAY! WOOOOT! Stoked to stream this on my birthday >=D

TheYelnats says:

But are there going to be sidequests to fight smaller monsters around the area? Like a build-up to fighting the bigger ones? I feel like fighting the same four or five large beasts could get a little tiresome..

2veki says:

I wish monsters weren’t so easy to kill so you can bring friends to the fight and have a good time, this is like MEGA casual monster hunter… Too bad, would be amazing otherwise.

josh mack says:

The animations and monsters are so much more realistic than Monster Hunter

Nathan Scutt says:

That hitbox at 9:33 was glorious. Not like the all destroying hipcheck from the monster hunter series. I hope there are some improvements made to the AI before release though, those creatures were too happy to take hits and just carry on with whatever animation they had started.

Fox Ruby says:

MHW and Dauntless are both great, but the fact that dauntless is just a straight up copy really gets to me, they changed the art style n all and i guess you can say the UI is a little different but the core of the game is the same and so are so many other aspects… its just a blatant rip off. grats to them for making it though, it looks fun, it looks good, but id rather play the game that was there first

Random Sinco says:

nice 30 fps

UckGraphics Motion Design says:

I can’t wait for this game to come out. Lol

Carson Bailey says:

Free to play? Damn, just as my initial concerns were wiped by your analysis, a bunch of new ones began to show up.

Abraham Nicollas says:

so? it’s free to play or pay to play?

Silent Hightimes says:

I don’t know of an F2P game I have played that’s not pay to win in one way or another, It doesn’t bother me as long as you can play and get the same advantage. If something is hidden behind a pay wall only, then they can go fuck themselves.

Hakuxkyoraku1 says:

Instead of dark souls I would say it’s more like a darksiders and monster hunter game

Rich Kairo says:

Why are they just taking the hits? Lmao AI needs a fix lol

Smushirzz Start says:

Is it coming to Xbox one?

Tis I Never Fear says:

I trust free to play games as much as Ubisoft. That is to say. An extremely small amount.

HW Chan says:

as a f2p its looks amazing! hopefully the combat looks better on the final product. the gameplay looks choppy and slow..

flzerocs says:

after seeing the new weapon type videos of monster hunter world and playing generations, the combat was extremely slow for me. Not bad, but after playing tons of hours in Gen I got extremely used to the speed (Adept style).

nigelyam38 says:

i wonder how would the developer deal with fault tolerance. There’s a couple mh type games in japan, god eater, freedom war, soul sacrifice too name a few. They are great but fail in a specific way which is fault tolerance. MH ft is already low at the start, with a i would say high skill cap for beginners, of course mh world would be fine for old fans like me, but new to the series would be a challenge.
Dauntless i would say trying to pick up some casual player which being push away by mh world, easy, slightly arcadey game play, fault tolerance is higher but still have some of the fun maybe? however i really think the area design is quite bad on this stage, it makes long range weapon a forbidden options with large plain filed and monster motion are a bit “cringey”
i will still play it though because who don’t like F2P game

syafiq izwan says:

when I want login it say radeem.code..where can I get the code?

Satheum says:

Esperando o lançamento ;D

Remy Preshong says:

Did you just compare this game to fighter games and then go on to shit all over fighters?

Vex the Knight - Videos says:

It’s cool that the game is free-to-play but the bad thing is you need to buy a founder’s pack to play :T

Ryan Bartels says:

will there be a full ecosystem of smaller animals or will there only be behemoths to kill?

GIa Bách Nguyễn says:

i hate that twins scyther effect, weapon look…too simple

Cry About it says:

You repeatedly murder animals. Nice.

German Potato says:

Guys. competition between producers only means benefits for consumers. So stop it already trying to show off your huge ego and insecuritys by disliking someone for liking something different from you. Just enjoy it. Its not hard. you dont have to make yourself and other people feel Bad and waste your time insulting others. I really hope you consider this and make the right decision.
(sorry if my point didnt get trough to you im Bad with words) its just sad seeing people wasting their time making each other mad by arguing over different games while they could just enjoy those games.

King Kaoko says:

Will we be expecting long ranged weaponry?

TheSicsac says:

ameisin bru

ItsDexGaming says:

When is open beta? I guess I am to late to access soon-to-come closed beta, at least I couldn’t find anything on it :/

CertTech20 says:

2:35 Is that where the Moonlight Greatsword ended up?! xD

Giant Jack says:

Dauntless pay to win no wipe in obt and free player cant join cbt, so founder and slayer far stronger compared to free player

WDGaming says:

Why are people complaining so much about Dauntless? MH is still a DS game only, maybe the game makers wanted to make their own style for other consoles, I own 3 MH Games, This is bringing monster hunter to another console FOR FREE. Nothing wrong with another game thats similar, Some people like Paladins over overwatch, even tho they hated it before it came out, just let dauntless be dauntless, its gonna be f2p

SpongyTunes says:

so when can I play it?

Lil Animu Hunter says:

Does it have PS4 controller support, cuz if so I won’t need to buy an xbox controller.

Christopher Taylor says:

So just like Monster Hunter, the only way to get stronger is to craft and upgrade equipment? Is that right?

stefanw1337 says:

Only 4 weapons, do you know if there’s gonna be more before release? Like ranged? And can you switch and have a 2nd weapon in combat to vary things up?

How is the crafting/progression? How is the character customization?

PROJECT: Yi says:

wait is it 4 different types of weapons on just only 4 weapons

Attila Perge says:

Yeah “F2P” after you pay minimum 40 USD 😀 if you dont want to wait and want to try it now. Thats a joke for that content…

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