Cyberpunk 2077 Official Gameplay: Combat and Cyberskills in Action

Jackie and V take down a chapter of the cyber-psycho Maelstrom hang in the gameplay reveal for Cyberpunk 2077.

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A5hTriX says:

Looks ok but I can see the overhype train taking effect already…. Everything in this is a basic idea just made overcomplicated … x ray vision?? That’s an eye implant! … Extra weapon damage?? That’s a hand upgrade! Just putting makeup on a pig…. besides that, the world is about the most interesting thing.

Samuel Bruck says:

Dumb comments from people who clearly dont know what this game is about.

Joshua Ducao says:

That voice over sounds like the guy in national geographic.

suicidal thought 4 today says:

It’s looks way better than fallout 4 in term of shooting mechanic and how many options you have to take down enemis. I hope the quest and story is better too. Also, if npc attitude toward you is differ depending on your character build or playstyle (like fallout new vegas), that is even better.

Christopher Gongora says:

I was hoping it would be 3rd person perspective

Richard Thompson says:

This sounds like the Americas most wanted voice guy

Aarif MG says:

Looks lot like dues ex but with much better graphics.

frequencyHighGaming says:

Cant wait to play this game!

Gianpaolo Pazzini says:

I missed Tris…

Chaika Gaz says:

I still hate that they chose to make it first person shooter instead of third person

George Poupos says:

Yeah but can i explore sexual themes in this game that i can’t in real life?

In all seriousness though, this looks dope. Can’t wait to make my character look like Takeshi Kovacs

Therell Austin says:

Take my money already!!!

علي البياتي عمر says:

This game is shity

jon brown says:

I’m getting Binary domain and syndicate vibes from this game

AirsoftAddicted says:

Mind blowing.
Best game ever.

Recoil Gaming Exploits says:

Game of the Generation I’m calling it now!

Nishant Sengar says:

The more cyberpunk I see, the more I can’t resist

Andri Anggasta says:


Michael Zouzoukov says:

It reminds me the aborted version of Prey 2.

Sinan Basalan says:

Who is spoken to? Making speech about the game.

NGH Eros says:

John wick 2077

Chris Cary says:

Dam I really thought this was gonna be a 3rd person view game

valistrutu says:

Not impressed!

superb0red says:

It’s like the Prey 2 we never got!

Macca Dundee says:

When’s its release??

Jeremiah Henderson says:

Gonna pre order after work today


I don’t see anything interesting

Suk Mike Hok says:

Imo don’t know what to think of the game. Would have loved third person, I think first person has been too overplayed in the past ten years it gets boring

Pedro Sanchez says:

Hey remember prey 2?

علي البياتي عمر says:

I hoped alot about this game but actually it is nothing comparing with red dead 2

Boys Don't Cry says:

These guns are OP…!

hector R. says:

I see why they don’t wasnt to do pvp. But they can negate those abilities though. Let’s see that happens lol

Ishaan Gupta says:

Looks nice but this game could have been so much better if it was 3rd person

isthisforeal YouTube says:

All the hype gone after this video , shitty graphics and gameplay is so boring.

Matthew Russell says:

This makes me think of Syndicate. Super stoked for it!

Nhia Vue says:

The days of curving bullets are over

_ JAKEDOWN951 says:

Dude. Yes?

Aaron of Everything says:

You guys remember that game called syndicate that was on Xbox 360? This reminds me so much of that! Even the gun with the curving bullets is the same

Andre Esters says:


shafayet zaman says:

Cdpr:FPP is done to make it more immersive.
Me: *sees two floating hands doing everything. Can’t see the character interact with it.
Yep. Consider me immersed beyond space and time.

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