CONAN EXILES (NEW SEASON) – EP02 – New Combat! (Gameplay Video)

There have been some HUGE changes since I last played this game, so I decided to join the Conan Devolved server and start again!

Conan Exiles:

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John Saunders says:

Are you Canadian.

Captain R3D SKULL 39 says:

Why u no first person

Richard Smith says:

I love CE but the best part of the game….your commentry and how much you love it

Ethan Corti says:

lol people play this?

twiztedreverb says:

LOL “this spiders got skills” … as he watches in disbelief haha so funny

VintageBeef says:

Episode 3, available now!

Jack Swayze says:

that lag breaks the gameplay… 🙁

killer -B says:

first person is good with bow

wintersedge91 says:

this game seems almost identical to ark

Francesco Spycher says:

No way you made this all in 2 small 30 min sessions be honest you made stuff outside of the video as well and your experienced right? You are on own server right with modded settings. You pretend to know not much about the game but then know already all good stuff that drops what it is sigh…. your a One of a kind hehe. I stopped watching your Video because its not episode 3 at all you play with adapted own settings for loot etc using mods unsubbing Dude you should have been honest .

Surper Durper says:

Pussy use the cutlass, mauls are for tards

B says:

wait, do the npcs actually not notice you if you sneak with a torch on?

Not a skateboarder says:

Ok. This game sucks!

mohammad albaghdadi says:

i have been hard at work that what he kept saying in each epsiode he made and i remmeber that he wanted to make t-shirt that saying i have been hard at work

Mazerin IV says:

“………. This spider’s got skills!”

JD Gans says:

Spiders that can walk on air, neat.

1234 5678 says:

Dodging their melee attacks makes counters way easier

Jeremy King says:

Maces look like a horrible weapon to use

Mike D says:

They need to stop adding spiders to games :/

Devesh Singh says:

The AI is still bad

morghoul mutilera says:

OMG this game is AMAZING …and the best 2hand weapon swinging i ve ever seen

ForrestFox says:

I love how you are “hiding” behind some rocks.. With your torch high above your head. XD
Hide over 90000!! 😀

HM Axyl says:


7thSojurn says:

this game sucks do to most of conan games ever made the internet never worked right.

Danny Howard says:

can u harvest anything on the human corpses if u use the axe?

dalantosl says:

I lol’d when that fighter II broke you in half…Been there bro!

Gio Garza says:

love your videos man, keep it going

nikman2 says:

that dude exploded and his arms are now in his head at 16:40

Danny Howard says:

you need to start eating, your shit

Adrian Alvarez says:

This looks awesome I’m definitely buying it on ps4 on may 8. I was on the fence but this looks so much fun.

Zak Sharman says:

Dude I miss the town!

Fortnite Spark TV HD says:


Review Things says:

so glad this series is revived!!!!!!! binging it now!

vidstarr says:

24:51 Where is that iron exactly, I got to climb up a couple of cliffs to the left of the last waterfall (The one that you can build inside of ) and run along a large flat Plateau where the giant spider is. To find any iron, near Dafari Camp

Zan Vaupotic says:

a 1.20 add without a skip button? what’s that?

Tom Jones says:

Damn great game play, YOU have made me want this game now..See how ya are!!!! : ) Love yur videos!!

A BrokenRecord says:

It can pronounced E-mir or Ye-mir.

Da peech gaming says:

Is the game have official pvp severs plz tell getting game soon

Corysia Taware says:

You should sell t-shirts and caps with your meme “I’ve been hard at work!”

Clayton Luxton says:

Hey and roll away from attacks

Curtis Duperron says:

the way you say chitin makes me laugh my ass off.

Guy Taylor says:

Love your stuff Vintage, your humour has always given me a chuckle. I know you wanna use the war hammer but do you mind sometimes using a sword too?

DaSkarekrow says:

is this better than ARK?

cartoon80s90s says:

Combat still looks crap and a dumb Button Mashing. Just how bad was it before?

Splatninja says:

Breaking away from the Ark type combat was the best decision the devs could’ve possibly made.

Tryst Horn says:

Why is there a fucking kudu in the desert

Ricky Kasper says:

I was told you couldnt fight in first person. Interesting….

Cody B says:

ALT to roll plz use it >.<

ahmed gamal says:

That archer that was waving was a frindly npc right?!

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