CONAN EXILES Combat Gameplay Walkthrough 2017 – Developer Demo (PC/Xbox One)

CONAN EXILES Combat Gameplay Walkthrough 2017 – Developer Demo (PC/Xbox One)

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Sgt. Giggle Mittens says:

please say this is single player I do NOT wanna deal with fucking people online. WHY cant people just make good single player games anymore.

luckyl0tt0 says:

I’m sorry. I really wanted to like this game but after the numerous gameplay videos I’ve seen, I’m starting to have second thoughts on Conan: Exiles. The developers really mean well, but they are trying to do too much with this particular title. I’ll pass.

Mathias van den Berg says:

Is there a ps4 edition coming?

Miroslav Hornych says:

2017? looks older than diablo 2 , gg

Dan Dan Gray says:

game shouldn’t be more than $9.99

Zeto Queti says:

the developers use a lot of symbolics in this game… clearly they know some things

Drazy Haze says:

Looks terrible. Looks like a plastic game with no life and personality. And it’s made by Funcom, it will either be fail at the start, or they’ll slowly make it fail. One or the other.

Stefan Luckerbauer says:

Respect for the huge Village.
Good work!

Pasha Defragzor says:

Korgoth of Barbaria

TheTroll3k says:

Graphic isn’t very good so i hope optimization would be nice to not lagging even on good pc’s(Like most survivals do)

Kharn526 says:

Sorry guys, I loved the Conan MMO back a couple years ago but this game looks like .. Minecraft with better graphics. Not interested all I ever see is crafting crafting crafting in your village. This game does not look fun and I think I will pass on it. Sorry Funcom.

Anonymous Maximus says:

all these ppl complaining. this is a real survival game. fk a dam iron man suit Cough* Cough * *GEYAHERMM Ark!* .. whut? 8*

- DIKKII - says:

what rig is this on? will we need 2 1080’s to play 1440p at 22fps like ark?

Ryukotsei says:

The combat looks extra wonky

The Tommyshades says:

this looks like it might have a similar story to ark crapy at the beginning but gets better, I wouldn’t buy this right now though it needs a lot of improvement.

Skyturnedred says:

If you title your video “Combat gameplay” I expect there to be some bloody combat.

Daria Morgendorffer says:

such a shit fkin game

Sasuke Uchiha says:

So combat and animations are meh so far..

John Carter says:

Ark. Survival Evolved 2?

Erika Carp says:

il pue la merde se jeux c incroyable …

Ramiz S says:

All’s great, but why does it look so unnatural and plastic?

zamadhi says:

Veni vidi redii

GeekBody Official says:

l”insulte à conan 😀

Jack Tyme says:

To all the people giving Funcom shit for releasing a game, 75% of will end up buying this so Funcom wins. Comments like ” the combat isn’t good” lmao you dumbasses. Why don’t you all secure a budget to make a game and see exactly how it is. And I bet those two guys in the video are laughing at you sheep because you complain about it but will still buy it. I appreciate any game any developer makes, simply because I love games.

Anthony Grabanski says:

re textured rust

Michael Rainvillle says:

Will there be boobs in this game?

Riwillion says:

It´s kinda ridiculous how the bodies react to fatal hits, getting blown to pieces like that. Why not just give the body a gaping wound, hack off a limb etc.? It would be so much cooler and more realistic.

Daniel Henrique says:

conan survival evolved?

Justin Flowers says:

crappy crappy crappy,,I love conan and this looks terrible

Spaceman Spiff says:

so…are there npc slaves then? 😀

Nicholas Sellers says:

I just want to point this out for all people considering this game: The dev’s do not even know what is in this game or what the items look like. RED FLAG.

LookHere3 says:

is there a reason u need to add ur ugly faces into the gameplay screen totally ruining the audience engagement?

The Lazy Lions Den says:

This needs to be shelved and worked on further behind closed doors , sorry but it’s true.

NukSooKow 1980 says:

I don’t know if I want to be saying “Crom” or “crumbs” after watching several of these videos.

Baha Wael206 says:

can we tame animals or monsters like ark

wIzard says:

If you buy this game in its current state you are retarded just saying.

Tybok C says:

I hope Conan: Exiles won’t be bugged like AOC was bugged on release..Also will CE work with AMD 8350FX CPU and AMD R290 GPU?

Sunchay Somchay says:


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