Combat Gameplay Trailer – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The fluid combat is one key pillar in the gameplay of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

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fake typical Gamer says:


the Legend27 says:

Ooooooooh sexy.

Tiempo Negro says:

Get ready for those downgrades 🙂

Jyn says:

What is this shite I want battlefield not this horse shite

SlyRy says:


TheIceSoldier16 says:

I want them to remaster the first Mirrors edge for ps4 and Xbox one

civilwarfare101 says:

Yes, add third person takedowns.

ParanormaaliCube says:

Why does it seem more futuristic while it’s in the past?

100vasiliy says:

clones can aim better then these clowns

Mfonisoabasi James says:

the game looks like it’s gonna have this “remember me” sorta feel to it, with the villains and all

Ranger Hawk says:

Looks very realistic.

Hokunin says:

Super, wanna play

Matt 18 Bc says:

no guns 10/10

aznneozanet says:

Why does faith have super strength? I mean, shattering the faceplate off a helmet with your fist?

Vikram Singh says:

vr this

Jeroen says:

Good thing bullets dont actually come out of those guns.

Sobol Bękart says:

Maybe in video game. In real life, she would be dead already. 1 bullet and you’re out, no matter who you are.

André Sánchez says:

Seen the gameplay and the guards are clumbsy and stupid if you dont touch them they literally swipe the air with their batons even when you’re like 10 meters away


i dont get it

you just punch and kick em?

i want boom boom rootie tootie aim and shootie


Came looking for info but only saw clips from the trailer. #Pointless

Big Bear Kawasaki says:

All I see is kicking, from the gameplay aspect. The trailer was cool. Still not impressed.

Fervently says:

I didnt even finish the first horrible game. Still looks like the same shit.

iiCamaxtli says:

are you fucking kidding me? This was edited off of the trailer. Give me some new shit

84chevypickup says:

combat CGI trailer!

Elijah Thomas says:

you know damn well no one can play that good.

CdwNHD says:

Cool Pre-Rendered Animation 😉

Викто Черный says:

смотришь трейлер и уже виден насколько тупой ии будет

David Smith says:

It bums me out so badly that this game was supposed to be out nearly half a month ago….

NirkaH DoesStuff says:

No new gameplay? That sucks

shriniwasrocks says:

plz no DLCs on this game

Carbonboy 24 says:

Pretty pathetic guys getting beaten up by a girl xD

NetElvis says:

Hello lens flares, I see you’re still alive. welcome back to gaming.

Tigero Rousteinire says:

Nooo she has a boyfriend!!!

Grant Williams says:


Ersen Akçay says:

To the people complaining about how little new footage this trailer has: Thankfully, the point is not to spoil the game entirely (I hate trailers that do that). The point is to show that the stupid gunfight sections of the first game aren’t expected to make a comeback. You fight using your movement and momentum, as well as a couple of fighting moves. No shooter sections. This is the trailer I’ve been waiting for.

Big Bear Kawasaki says:

All I see is kicking, from the gameplay aspect. The trailer was cool. Still not impressed.

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