Combat Gameplay Trailer Analysis! – Mass Effect: Andromeda

Join Rima as she does a brief analysis on part 1 of Bioware’s Official Gameplay Series which focuses on combat and weaponry. ***STICK AROUND FOR THE END OF THE VIDEO FOR SOME EXCITING NEWS***

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clifford hendryx says:

BioWear has out done themselves on this build mass effect Andromeda will be an instant classic they should be proud of what they just pulled off everything looks great and sounds amazing I can’t wait to play it and find out for myself

Lucian Thompson says:

I guess my final concern is will the difficulty be challenging but fair in the sp and mp. I loved gold and platinum with a good team in mass effect 3. With so much new stuff I just hope it doesn’t become a breeze.

Luke McGovern says:

The most dangerous weapon in Andromeda……… Vetras tis.

Marcus Swanson III says:

The video was awesome but i love that Armor Sara Ryder had on during the loadout screen i want that Armor

mclightning88 says:

ESRB RATING: Strong Sexual Content, Nudity.

Oh boy…hahaha.

Serenity P says:

I do wonder with all this freedom if there still will be a form of the biotics, the techs, and the “tanks.” I’m a little scared that my pea sized brain can’t handle the freedom. I was so strategic. Like for instance, I played biotic and had both Kaidan and EDI in my party for tech and tank balance. I don’t know….I think I’m overthinking too. (I did this in the past with every ME game.)

K1NG RADDE says:

Yes,M96 Mattock again 🙂
Was always my Favourite Rifle!
Nice Balance between Damage and Precision.
Hope that BioWare doesn’t changed too much on the Weapons. The Multiplayer will be great again!

The Flash says:


Mevlüt Alucard Mayes says:

Anybody know what C8 on Sara Ryder’s armor stands for? Cerberus?

jda8176 says:

I like how you can use the Mako as cover!

Spiritstrike Prime says:


Rick Brooke says:

Loving the fast movement I can’t believe the gameplay is so fluid! So excited for multiplayer now!!!

The Cynical Greninja says:

I can’t wait to build my N7 slayer character from ME3 multiplayer for ME:A singleplayer. Fingers crossed for a phase disruptor power

RELAY 314 says:

Oh my gosh what’s not to love here? The new armors, the worlds, the little hints of there being a resistance movement (against the Kett perhaps?) the swords, the jetpack! I also think we see a glimpse of a female Kett at the end of the video, labeled as “Destined”. IM SO EXCITED. Also any footage of the new turian models is the best ever!

Malcolm Swoboda says:

I hope the addition so SO MUCH racial gear can mean we go back to the Milky Way in a ME5 and use them there. I want a galactic civil warrrrrrrrrrr

Nadir Bait Saleem says:

Hey MEOdyssey I just wanted to alert you that there’s a typo in the description.
Love your channel!

Howard Riddle says:

good video, i feel like it deserves more views, check out u2bzone(dot)C O M

etherdemon says:

Why does Sara have a male’s chest when she’s wearing armor?

chazz lee says:

why do I feel like my character is going to be way too powerful like General Zod ruling an unfamiliar planet of weaklings not a good thing in my opinion?

Ahmed Aay says:

I’m going all Biotics. Tech and combat are for soldiers, Biotics are For GODS!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob749s says:

My only critique is that hair look shit.

What could be really interesting is if you could level up your social abilities, too. e.g. Inspiration, Conciliation, Intimidation, Misdirection, To open up new dialogue, dialogue options, interrupts, trading options, missions, etc.

Alejandra Cadena says:

honestly I am so happy about weapons working differently like some use ammo some dont some have cool downs which seems like a small nod to ME 1 and I am just so hyped to use them all

StillGotShit4Brains says:

Sara Ryder is so fucking ugly jesus fuck.

Nicholas Gonzalez says:

Kid you not, I’ve watched today’s trailer about 20 times. I couldn’t even focus at work cause literally 10 minutes later I’d watch the video again. Much hype. The biotics look sick

MEOdyssey says:

So what’s your favourite aspect from part 1 of Bioware’s Official Gameplay series? Biotics? The Weapons? That Sweet Ground-Pound? Let us know in the comments below or tweet them at us @MEOdyssey – A&R

David Moon says:

biotics definitely

Agustin Alejo Gimenez says:

soldier engineer mashup ohh yeahh

khamza111 says:

I may be in the minority here, but I’m not feeling the combat- it’s just too much of everything, like throwing random ingredients into a pot and letting it cook..Maybe first hand experience will change my mind, though.

Darth Harbinger says:

I feel optimistic about the combat,only thing I want to know is if we only have 3 quickbar abilities even on PC.Also the hype is real for the fact I can hold people with the forc…I mean biotic abilities.

Elinn Andersson says:

Looks great! Hope I’m not shit.

Bryan says:

As someone who really liked the solder class I am going to be PISSED if adrenaline rush isn’t in this game. It seems to gone.
On the other hand I find this very mixed. One hand the game looks amazing. However, the combat seems a bit overblown and arcady. And I am still on the fence about the open class system. It has potential but idk. Also not a fan of this profile load out concept with only 3 abilities at any given time. It seems they are designing this too much around with multiplayer in mind.
I was really excited about Andromeda but the more I see the more I get sceptical of the game design choices.

Yarradras says:

Are the minimal specs for PC already out? I would hate it if my PC cannot stem that thing!

George NoX says:

this looks awesome, so much more streamlined than any other ME game, they preety much combined everything we had in previous games so far with new features that were only seen in multiplayer before. March 21st cant come fast enough 😀

Matthew Burmeister says:

my favorite was the   Biotics  when rider throw the raider at his buddies and the ground pound

Lord_Deimos says:

It feels like Dragon Age Inquisition…….in space. 3:13 reminds me of the Hinterlands where the High Dragon was.

jonathon scott says:

hey rima thank you for this vid i did not really want to see any fighting becouse i realy want to get the game however whean i sore this i was like omg ( in a good way really good ) so thank you guys for keep put vids out there and the count down is on for me sooo happy its comeing soon 🙂

Hal Effect says:

Gameplay-wise, it looks on the spot. Now just for the story and characters.

I mean, the most important part of ME was always the characters, even more than the story at times; so I hope that those will be truly memorable.

Jennifer Hintz says:

I’m excited to see more about the skill trees. I like the weapons being available to every class.

Amanda H says:

I understand the whole hype situation Rima. As I was watching the trailer I had a gaming orgasm from seeing all the new guns and biotic and the beautifulness( is that even a word. who cares) and congrats on getting to play some andromeda spoon I’m officially jealous. Gosh March 21st needs to hurry up!

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