“COMBAT AXE ONLY CHALLENGE!” in Black Ops 3 – [Call of Duty] Gameplay

Welcome back to another Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Challenge Video! In this one I will attempt to play a cod bo3 Free For All FFA match using a knife and tomahawk ( combat axe ) only. I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you do, make sure to leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE it really helps me out a lot! Thanks.

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Outro Song: Aero Chord – Surface

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Bruno Garcia says:

you need to make a tutorial please

Crayon Thug says:

Yes make a tut for ur knife pls

Peter Flathers says:

Plz make tutorial

Connor Russell says:

Yes make a tutorial

cooldeadpool44 says:

Do the camo tut

Unnamed Cell says:

Do the totorial

Benjamin Grubitz says:

Can u do the camo tutorial pls

Lee Henderson says:

tutorial on the camo nick please

Dj_nation22 ' says:

Nick when are you making another myth busters video cause I have a myth can you get a collateral with the tempest

Paper airplane vlogs says:

Do a tutorial of your knife

Panda_ YT says:

I wanna see tutorial

Abdul Moeez says:


mg68834 says:

Please! Make a tutorial on that sweet knife paint job!!!!

TSFL says:

it hapins to me with a sniper

Juan Juarez says:

You’re such a cheater using ripper on a Knife ONLY Challenge, or should I say a Combat Axe ONLY Challenge

Sadie Hatt says:

Make the tutorial

lily this, lily that. says:

bruh i played with you before!

Justin Aperawic says:

Make the tutorial

Joseph Hall says:

Everyone like this comment if you think Nick should do a tutorial on how to make his came!

Flame Phasma says:

Yes plz make a tutorial

ifaamzm 1 says:

nick do live series with subcriber

The Legacy says:

Make a camo tutorial

Ivan Tran says:

Yah I would love a camo tutorial. That camo looks awesome

Harley Goode says:

When u need to knife u tommohawk and when u need to tommohawk u knife stop playing your
Making me cringe

Tariq Griffin says:

Make a tutorial for the knife camo

Hair Line says:

I wanna see it

Vizionary Snipez says:

He said get tamacocked

TalPlays says:

i wanna see the camo tutorial

Evert Bunschoten says:

free for all with knife only is a challenge? I do that all the time

New Things says:

Yes make a tutorial

HeyitsBanks says:

Do a camo tutorial plz

LethalTech motɨoɴ desɨgɴ says:

Can you turn off light please

Allan- C says:

Make a tutorial plz

Noodlebogger 99 says:

not good camera, I like normal.

Mike Tom says:

The knife camo

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