Combat Arms: Classic – Closed Beta First Impressions Gameplay! (Nostalgia)

Update: Yes I know now that the shop can be accessed. All of it is free on the closed beta, so that is why people had guns/etc that are not from daily logins. Overall game was suprisingly playable! Let’s hope they can continue fixing common errors and not making the game extremely Pay to win c:

Combat Arms Classic:

Download Combat Arms Classic:

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FIFA 18 Pro says:

When Will The real ca coke out

Zé Ribeiro says:

Hi, what u mean with shop update? I cant buy nothing!

Kiko Loco says:

I haven’t transferred my account from nexon to valofe. Can I still get the daily rewards ?

Wail 2K says:


niceBLK FX says:

Oooh yeah

Diego OnFire says:

very good hail from peru

Fastoon says:

you know royko, I havent really tested this game yet but Im fairly certain you have to exit the HOT tab in the shop….

endex says:

hey man ur voice is nice and sEXY man wanna sex?

Jair Guerrero says:

You sound like a faggot sucking on a BBC

CrayZee says:

How do we get the beta??

Andy says:

how many dicks are you chocking on at once in this video?

yeng vang says:

CA is still pay too win (aids)

BradMonster says:

Hey Ben, I can only assume if they launch classic we will get our transferred gear back?

VorteX says:

I want he grey and black hisec cases back and they must remove halloween sickle duals ….

sulindvas says:

wtf i cant log in on old ca ..

LeleDroidBR says:

will the specialists return, and your items for example auto turret?

r3cker says:

Whaddya lookin at smooth skin???

JK Play says:

Its back ??????

Jakub Malinowski says:

royko youre so rusty

Rattifant says:

23:05 That quick scope omg… respect.

SeeMyShadow says:

Like its the closed beta test so its not the full game. they might change things

skip vermunt says:

2:38 ben there is stuff in the shop but you went to rental: hot you need to change that to sniper rifels or light machine guns

Earl Grimes says:


David LAWSON says:

Yo royko love your vid

Marijn Hack says:

Are our accounts gone?

Skullkid Wilson says:

Royko Gone ghoul

Nima says:

lmao this was great dude, the nostalgia is real.
btw 15:38 ly2 mate 😉

Kevin Fahrer says:

This OP guns should get removed, this permanent weapons will be in the future too OP. I swear, that this is going to happen. The OP-Weapons and some Things in this game, are just not balanced. That´s a reason why CA went down for years. Before that new dual Scorpions or new weapons/same weapons but another Skin… CA was a different funshooter Game… it was different. But the changed shop and this shit p2w destroyed CA. But this Looks not that bad. Thx for that Video. Looks a bit older. 🙂 Good Times with Megaphone and so on ^^.

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