CARRIER ASSAULT! Fighters vs Capital Ships! (EVE Valkyrie Star Fighter Combat Gameplay)

EVE Valkyrie Carrier Assault Console Gameplay – VR Space Combat PvP Starfighter Combat vs Capital Ships!

Big Thanks to CCP For Sponsoring This video. Not CCCP…Because you know, I’m not a commie!

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Jakub Jančík says:

Hey Baron, have u cross a game STAR CONFLICT from GAIJIN? Older but better lookin then this 😉

Theodore Fischel says:

The add that played for me was the add for this game.

Anakin Skywalker says:

Don’t you live in the keys baron if get the f out!!

InvertIdols says:

dying channel ….

Tyler Houck says:

The beginning reminds me of Battlestar Galactica when the Vipers launch out of the pods.

Matthew Fernandez says:

Wtf 69 comments

Mr Wolfe says:

Where are all the exciting war games?
Why is the other channel being allowed to die?
Why wont you tell anyone why you stopped playing warthunder and moved to futuristic laser fighting games?
Why are you sponsoring this low level crap?
So many questions. There must be four there at least.

BaronVonGamez says:

Hmm, Should I play more fighter sim and space sim games on this channel? What about VR games?

Ran Kavik says:

See you in the next life.

aveng3r89 says:

hey Baron I think your channel description needs updating – “Hi! I’m Baron and I upload daily War Thunder, World of Warship and Battleifield 1 video! If you like War Thunder and World of Warships watch a few of my videos and consider subscribing for daily content!” seems like “daily” has turned into “whenever someone pays you to show of their game.”

Eric bee says:

size seems a bit off for the ships but i definitely enjoy this

Owen Yeh says:

Might try EVE online without spending a cent? It’s quite fun to taken part in the greatest server on the world. Maybe get into a great space war someday!

Heath Smith says:

baron you should play the surge its a game where you apply for a job but it all gos wrong I think you would like it

Prantz says:

Have not even made a video on 1.71

Darkdragon says:

do you have to have ocules

Killer Bee says:

sorry to hear about your war thunder ban.

richie thach says:

Sorry baron, but I came into this channel for War Thunder, since you stopped, I will have to remove my subscription

cobrazax says:

u never use your ultimate ability

Theprfesssor says:

What happened to war Thunder Baron

Heinrich Hitler says:

BaronVonGamez? More like Baron is GAYZ!


yo , bring back war thunder man , nobody wants to see that crazy shiit

Slick Plays says:

Elite Dangerous when?

aveng3r89 says:

sigh… Another BaronVonPaidPromotion video…

david donahue says:

CCP have a way of over promising and under delivering.Nor do they know how to iterate on things. They deploy then move onto the next shiny thing and don’t fix things until years later when the code completely breaks down.

Maryn Both says:

Baron where is youre WT video’s??? they where great!

Frank Bradley says:


Jesse Holt says:

First person flight sims might be the only types of game where mouse and keyboard doesn’t hold the massive advantage over controllers

67bigjake says:

Dang WT must have done you in, huh? Big patch coming soon tier 6 tanks, lol, it will be even worse, don’ t you want to see the fall of ground forces, lol . Good to see ya still kicking .

Dixie_Pride_ says:

Play some dreadnought my dude

Taylor Presson says:


DJ Housley says:

Seems like most people keep asking for the war thunder… But the Baron isn’t saying why he is skipping it. Maybe the rumor he was banned is true? Maybe the rumor he only plays the games that pay him? -at least explain it in a YouTube videos so we can understand…

JustANoob says:

Wow this game looks like a cheap version of Star Citizen. Can’t blame the devs though. not everyone has a 150 million dollar budget. But still after playing Star Citizen I am quite dissapointed in this game.

death 116 says:

I would to see you warthunder if idk if youve already played just subed but plaaaayyyy

Fallen Angel Takao says:

reminds me of a wyvern, chimera, or some other caldari carrier.

Nash Yncierto says:

men of war mondays pls

attempt 1

llama shockz says:

Always wondered what happened to this channel.

Ethan Elders says:

Are u done with war thunder

David Bickham says:

This game is so different from eve online, there’s no way these two games can be put together, especially since everything a fighter can do, other ships already can

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