Bless Online Combat Gameplay | NEW Revamped Combat System NA/EU

We’ve been waiting for gameplay for the new Bless Online combat system and they’ve finally released some. Bless Online gameplay videos for the 5 classes have been officially released and we can finally see the proposed changes in action.

For the official posting to see the videos of the combat gameplay yourself, raw – check here:

What are your thoughts on Bless Onlines new combat system? yay?… nay?… we’ll see?

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TheBirdsDen says:

What a big let down honestly

TruXByakuya says:

Fk yes, this is my kind of battle system! Finally a dev who understands.

Connor S says:


Tom S. says:

Very helpful, thanks!

Aru Gin says:

It’s kind of like ffxiv(monsters atk method, marks on the ground), soul worker(skills, hotkeys giving you smth else to use after you use smth), bns( movement) to me

buck spencer says:

Definitely like how they did it.

Decim Yas says:

I’m so hypedddddd

Ben Wilson says:

The footage gives me hope, I played the Russian version and the action bar was extreme, this new set up looks more fluid and the combat looks like its smoother as well

BonyFox's channel says:

Honestly. i don’t like that asian-lightning-speed shit type of thing.even in mmo weapon skill abilityes should been realistic if its a serious game and not some anyme type of thing. this concerns me.

Dwadwa Dwadwa says:

No open world pvp[ = SHIT MMO RPG
graphic looks like a shit
target system like that on 2018
game looks like bns or orther japonse shit

Fevir says:

Does this look at the new combat system change your opinion on the game at all.. for the better or not?

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yume キャッチャー says:

It’s garbage, absolute trash. I’m disappointed.

Jet Stroke says:

One thing I’ve noticed that stands out right away is there is no more auto attack swing animations….. If you watch older gameplay the 1 key is usually highlighted per class and that does auto swings between 3 moves an auto attack. And then you use abilities and you still auto swing in between abilities to keep the combat flowing. Now with combos there is no auto swings that you constantly cycle through when not using abilities. The guardian doesn’t do his 3 hit melee swing anymore or the berzerker now they just pause when not using an ability so combat seems slower and not flowing together to me like before. I love the combo system idea but felt they should kept the auto swings still but maybe they Were just turned off for the video… who knows..

Zoopa says:

Could you play this with controller ?

Miles Allgair says:

Anyone know if this is a MMORPG? Are there assigned roles? Tanks/healers/dps/cc? It looks like the whole game can be solod.

[Revo.] says:

The revamp reminds me to guild wars 2

Karl Kevin Yap says:

i was hoping they could learn from TERA as that game had excellent battle play style and yeah the UI could use some work to look more good but hoping for it not to look like the chinese UI in some games where they tried to be like WoW that has a lot of stuff to place but aren’t really like WoW due to the fact that the UI is technically covering 90% of the screen like the Chinese games. also for fun fact, wish they would also give a chance to spice up the character models on females 😀

ShiiChi says:

Looks lame like come on … we re in 2018 and its 20x worse than BDO and tera

Shazid Rashid Arpan says:

this game will probably cost 50$ which I can’t pay…so I may never be able to play it… and I’m sad ;-;

Manzell Blakeley says:

Why don’t games just steal the BDO combat system? It’s been far and away my favorite of any MMO!

Kevin Wang says:

Judging from the footage I’d probably still enjoy BnS’s combat system more, but since everything else in BnS is so poorly designed Bless might be more fun after all. They did claim Bless will not be P2W but we’ll see.

Sanairia says:

I actually like the new combat… not that I played the old 1, but I prefer it this way since I personally can’t enjoy a game with over 30 abilities in a single bar that forces me to press every button my keyboard to chain 1 combo WHILE moving and dodging enemies , u know what I’m saying?
So having a bit more simplified system while (I HOPE) having to customize the branches of the stances would be awesome.

SirAPhiO says:

TERA copy

Ra1dMaX says:

is it just me or does it looks like alot of the UI Elements has been copy pasted from GW2?

Chris Georgeiou says:

looks like your typical MMO, but that’s not a bad thing at all…it looks really fun to play, and I will be playing with my guild from BDO the VoS.

Axel Vega says:

Doesnt seems that good but from old videos to now im interested just to test it so they did a decent job looks more actionish

Ben A says:

Cast time on archers.. LOL no thanks. Archeage made sure i’ll never play another game with cast time on archers.  dumb AF.

Simon Belkin says:

BDO for life fuck off

TheKuhschubbser says:

But if you dont have a certain rotation later in a tab targeting holy trinity game, you will just stand in front of a boss and mash buttons cuz it doesnt matter what you press.
A certain rotation is maped out by the players mostly the devs dont tell you “well you have to press this 3 times and then this” they only patch the connections so the player has to find em.
I spent alot of time playing WoW and when I play Tera or BDO it just feels so dull cuz u can just mash your skills and kill errything,while in wow (well in earlier atleast) you really had to be awake look out what happens with proccs and spells and press the right stuff in the right time to min max your damage. Feels more important than just mashing my head on the keyboard or even gamepad.



Igor Gomes says:

when he will open?

Andrew Murphy says:

Watching this just makes me wish bdo wasn’t such a grind rng fest. Best looking and best mmo by far.

oula hop says:

GW2 copypasta with a shit UI

Max Diviani says:

Am I the only one who thinks going THROUGH creeps is unnatural? They are not fuckin Casper ghosts, and it’s not 2010 now, you can make the game to work exactly how you want. Movement animations are not good enough too, for me it looks like developers trying not to spend resources on this remake. Less resources = more fast money to grab.

N K says:

looks generic as f

Vít Savický says:

There will always be a “rotation” of sorts. It’s quite literally impossible to create a system where all paths and choices are equal. One setup and “rotation” will be optimal for single target and one will be optimal for AoE. There is no way around that. And that is not necessarily a bad thing as long as the “rotation” isn’t spamming 2 buttons over and over.

Michael McAdams says:

Would that I could have something where strafing was a tactical option rather than a necessity. I’m bored of being dizzy.

SHarpyHaMMeR says:

When should we expect this in May if anyone knows? will be really busy at the end of may so hopefully released EA before the 20th 🙁

Fufu Blade says:

Woah enemies actually stagger now?

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