Blackwake – Piracy on the High Seas! – Naval Combat Simulator – Blackwake Gameplay

Welcome back to Blackwake! Blackwake is a naval piracy game that pits the British off against pirates in a realistic piracy combat setting. So we’re out with a full crew of Youtubers trying to dominate the seas! I hope you enjoyed this episode of Blackwake, thank you for watching and liking.

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Intro: Odd Chap: Jams
Outro: JAWN


Srgt Overkill says:

Must do more

CL Epic says:

You bring to me

Gugo Vojts says:

I think ya’ all need to stop drinking that Grog!

DUMB Panda says:

Bunte Kuh is German and it means Colorful Cow

Lizard Hazard says:

*Pirate intensifies*

Justin Hernandez says:

Plz play more blackwake

Supersotamies says:

You should try out holdfast nations at war

Whatsmyname says:

Oh yeah blackwake is back

Shane Jackson says:

I like this game

The Fallen Legend says:

Great vid!

Maiky says:

Pls more

Arctic Zee says:

Only other 2 i watch is blitz and Ctop And yet Blitz was the first youtuber i subscribed to then he lead me to draegast hahahaha…OH MY GOD I FELL…i killed my self hahahahha

Luxcilla says:

4:37 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

predator Elite says:

I won’t move

Random UserPerson says:

Grapples and grapeshot are in the ammo crates. When loading a cannon you can choose which ammo you load.

gaming Central says:

havent you played this game before?

DragoNate says:

Good job with your aim! And of course great job winning 😀

buttafuori 1234 says:

We Want More ❤❤❤❤

falentino coats says:

the reason why you are sinking very fast is because you dont pump

Dane Howells says:

This is the best trailer for Sea of Thieves I’ve seen

zevorich 3 says:

I’ve been subscribed to Gaming Faster than Light! for a long time now, never realized he was the same Josh as the one you play with. Now I feel dumb XD

Mr. Pablosek says:


bar-b-q salad says:

Yes! More!… Please…

DUMB Panda says:


King kong ching chong j bob says:

Plz make more

The Scp Foundtaion says:

In russian servers captain is child or really rude man. Team is also childs or rude men

Me says:

If only this was in vr

kaan şanlı says:

You know you hit pirates yes?



Muhammad Taufiq says:


Enes Özden says:

More blackwake !!!!

Jack Marshman says:


IO Gamer says:

arrrr… i am a pirate

of games.

what the heck did you say? says:

06:37 “oh i totally miss”
Are you dumb?

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