Black Desert Online – Non-Combat Sandbox Gameplay (Trading, Fishing, Housing)

CaptainShack dives into the new sandbox MMORPG Black Desert Online and takes a look at some of the non-combat game mechanics like trading, fishing and player housing. “if your having trouble watching the video… then YouTube borked up the transfer from a live stream to a VOD : Video on Demand.. Hopefully this sorts itself out. It also borked up the intro apparently O.o

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EpicNitro AAP says:


Perry Mesloh says:

Shack look at the repopulation, I have it on early access and it is a modernized Star Wars galaxies. Just take a look at it

Brian Parker says:

love this game

Trine Ballistix says:

Tera combat is way better

ComputerComplexity says:

EU or NA ?

benet dalton says:

boo hillery

ChaoticPlayzGamez says:

Great Video! Have you ever thought about making BDO tutorial videos, like a trading guide?

QualeQualeson says:

Sandbox MMORPG. LOL. That companies use meaningless buzzwords to sell their product to ignorant consumer zombies is nothing new, but come on. Use your own brain for just 2 seconds. Is BDO a sandbox? Really? And if you’re still not sure, let me tell you; It isn’t. It’s nowhere near a sandbox.

Oscar Bushell says:

God we need more MMOs like this, the hype years ago for world of warcraft was phanominal but then its kinda died even though there are still alot of players, wish there was something to hype for here

Isaiah wade says:

This game looks fun, is it free to play?

Dougbramer says:

reminds me alittle of runescape

D Pasca says:

can you please give me link download this game? but language english

Penumbra says:

Is this game worth buying? Ive been hearing lots mixed because P2W, if I wanted to play it quite a bit and sink some time into it, would I be wasting my time?

Erzats Erz says:

AFK is proeminent in this game. Everything goes faster and are exponentially better if you stay connected. I hate this so much about the game. It’s trying to be so addictive and keep you online whilst unfortunately cutting on the fun factor of the game.

Sent your workers on a 10 crafts in a row job? Well, disconnect and he won’t do 2 of them until you reconnect.

Want to get money by fishing? You better go AFK and leave your computer up all night if you want to have somewhat of a valuable income out of it.

Want to train your strenght? You know what? It will take you 45 minutes to go from point A to point B for the delivery. AFK time, baby!!

Want to recover energy so that you can continue to up your crafting / gathering jobs on your main? Better stay connected, cause it’s one energy point per 3 minutes while only against like 15 points for 8 hours of disconnection.

I really wanted to get into the game since it has a nice job mechanism, but there is so much principles that shouldn’t exist in the gameplay that it become frustrating to pla at some point. At least for me.

It’s too bad, really…

TukenNuken says:

That fishing minigame looks ridiculous and I’m not a fan of the ‘squawk’ sound the guy constantly makes.

The Big Taco says:

I’m surprised there are no guilds occupying the nodes

Mitchell Brinker says:

its like sword art with the professions and everything. sweet.

Justin wood says:

This is SOOO helpful. I just got the game last night and was not sure how anything worked. Thank you for making a video like this

Becoming Godsize says:

this game needs more texture popping i thought my modded skyrim was bad

m hoppie says:

how to add upgrades to wagon ? i have a top but can install it on my trade wagon

Jacob Doss says:

Is this game finally out???

Will Carter says:

Where do you buy this game, online? Do you have to download the game to your PC and if so, how big is the download?

Tercero says:

Just getting into the game and am totally hooked. I really enjoyed the video, helped me to get a grasp of some of the cool stuff to do.

Thomas Halks says:

So what server did you end up rolling on?

NinthArcher says:

I know zilch about this game. Are there Elves in the game? I love Elves.

The Wolffe BR says:

How to play this game?

MotionKT says:

well you just sold the game to me, i thought black dessert online was all about pvp from other videos.

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