Black Desert Online New Combat Gameplay 2nd Beta Fast Paced Action

Looks like combat went up a notch and is more action packed in the 2nd beta! More details below

Developer: Pearl Abyss
Publisher: DAUM Korea
Game Site:

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Capt Nyanpasu says:

lol you might as well go full melee with the mage, looks sick

Kobke says:

How Can I get access to the beta? O.o

Guld says:

this game look stunning and fun in short bursts but it just seems boring if this is all there is to it.

You can’t change class or weapons. Have to create a new character

It looks like there are no skills other than “do damage”. I’ve been watching videos left and right and there are no buffs/debuffs?

Kamaal says:

Game is way too fast they need to tune down the screen shaking.

Brubarov says:

This game looks so boring. Just bring back the CC. That’S the real game.

Kuro Hanekawa says:

I hope they put this on xbox 1

generalvodka says:

wow a mage class that’s actually bad ass

Lee Zen says:

I’ve been hearing about this game on about every MMO video.
This looks promising but also nauseating.
Combat that spends 5-6 minutes hacking and slashing groups of enemies with the same strategy. I know it’s still BETA, hopefully it’ll be captivating.

Guardian715 says:

People who complain about it need not play it. I got it and have never been happier with an mmorpg. This game is where its at and I am happy to support this. I LIKE fast paced combat, especially after playing the REALLLLY grindy games. Makes you feel powerful.

Devon Bolsch says:

Can anyone tell me whether or not armor is locked for certain classes. Take this for example. Being the first class shown in this video (forgot the name), and being able to wear a robe similar to that of a sorcerers. Is it possible?

P.S: Is the name of the class, that I forgot, called warrior? I need clarification. Lol. XD

This Guy says:

Looks like every other Korean MMO. Going to be a massive grind slog fest with too many visuals going on the screen.

Jonathan Kent says:

i cant wait for this game nothing has filled the combat void since i stopped playing C9  

Rougue Slayer says:

That archer doe!

Septesh East says:

 unnatural…too fast….my eyes are bleeding…

Ace Strife says:

..well this killed a lot of the hype I had for the game. (massive screen shaking, my god, and enemies are bullet sponges)

I sure hope it’s better now a year later.

BenGrahamSays says:

I played this but I found it so insanely boring and lame. The combat felt like a shitty street fighter game.

Alex Hernández says:

The combat system is just stupid and hard to see. Its just worst than Vindictus…and i hate vindictus

adriano sousa says:

I Think this camera style would word better in consoles than PC..

同時に says:

There’s so much visual noise it’s kind of sickening to watch.

Amancho Kumbangsila says:

Lets just say: this is still fking BETA, and slow people go home.
This would be one of the best PvP games ever if this goes on.

Sophisticated Diglett says:

Hey look, another Korean MMO that’s going to get hyped up as a WoW killer and fall short by miles.

Maniac Komplex says:

the one orclike npc sees its comrade getting annihilated by the player, and continues walking a few yards away as if nothing is going on? If you cant program AI, get the fuck out of the ring.

Phoebe M.F. says:

now we are talking

D csukar says:

That FOV gave me ebola.

DGneoseeker1 says:

Ugh, the shaky screen and blur are horrible.

Artorias says:

please tell me i dont have to have a shield

Chris Cosby says:

Too much flash stuff. If you get PvP it will all look silly

juvenyl hunter says:

man just slaughtered it at the end

Ken Havens says:

good lord combat looks repetitive and way too much parkour.

Thomas the dank engine says:

Shut up and take my money!

wafu demet says:

not yet in English. 🙁 i can’t play. 

Gg Wp says:

Not even our single player games are like that

Alex DIxon says:

The game looks beautiful with nice visuals, but whats up with the AI, do they even attack? :/

CptEddyPrice says:

yeah! thats what im talking about not some crap point n click press skills tab targeting nonsense… Action hack n slash 🙂

King MOB says:

release date ?

Constantine Laskarides says:

Plethoric effects and flashy non sensical animations , I call typical anime bullshit.
I really hate that everyone else fights pretty much , although amateurish , conventionaly but not the player.
Soul’s combat style would have been fine , dragons dogma fighting even better to bridge the gap between flashy and logical.
But the world , the world is to die for.

En SRD says:

If “visual diarrhea” needs to be defined, this is it.


Seriously, does that ridiculous weaboo garbage appeal to any real gamer?

“B-b-b-but it looks cool because your character moves like Naruto-kun-dattebayo~~~~~~~~~~~~!”

stemaster says:

how to fix this game : Add stuns and staggers to each hit. Make hits more responsive instead of shaking the screen. make Ai faster. add player staggering for failing to evade an attack. basically make this more like vindictus but keep the visual style and detail. If they could just manage a good system, even if it was more like dragon’s nest. This game would be flocking with approval all across the charts.

Daft Punked says:

Do the enemies not fight back? Or do they just suck that bad as AI?

riddlekillerkiller says:

would this be ip blocked?

Ивайло Асенов says:

The fighting system looks good.

rob heller says:

To be honest this looks like it will get boring fast. Picture this fight and think about how many time’s you will do this. I dislike mmorpgs that are hell on your fingers I like to macro my best skills to one button and then only worry about running an dodging. If archage put a fucking in game macro system and stopped people from 3rd party macro keybinding the game would rule. If you can’t pay to win or set up macros correctly you have no chance in archage. Probably going to be the same way in black desert because it already failed in Asia is why they are trying a B2P they seen how every one gave it a try but did not stick around to save the game I already can see what the cash shop will look like. How come nobody is talking about the fat whale? Games like this are not out to make every one happy they will target a set group of people that will become addicted even if the game is bad.

xXBoogiepopXx says:

if you really think this is “nauseating”, you need to stop playing and go back to your dice rolling board games where its safe for your delicate little stomach.

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