Biomutant – 21 Minutes Of Character Creation And Intense Combat Gameplay

We got to play Biomutant at PAX West 2017 and managed to get some time with everything from character creation to questing and combat as well!

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Monarch V2 says:

Dibs on creating neo daxter. This remind me of the matrix mini game in daxter on psp. Fun times

Xylow says:

People are saying this is the voice actor from Trine, the same voice actor from LBP, I think it’s the VA from The Stanley Parable

Jason Hales says:

Kinda defeats the purpose of having a gender choice if the only thing that changes is the voice modulation.

Leve Free says:

Do you guys always elect your most autistic member to demo games?

Goreface69 says:

Glad to see someone can play a game!

PurpleStorm8 says:

I hope you can be really evil in this game, I mean a true bastard.

The combat looks really cool, like a furry Devil May Cry.

SuperAlphamale13 says:

i really hope we dont hear that guys voice the whole damn game

eBunny says:

This game looks very intruiging and awesome. Even just watching this 21 minutes of gameplay I’m already kinda invested or at least interested in these characters and the world they inhagbit.

It seems to take inspiration from many different games, while giving it it’s own unique twist, which I love. My only real criticism would’ve been the over-usage of the narrator, especially during combat and down-time, so I would’ve suggested toning that down a little, but I’ve already seen that it decreases over time and that you’ll be able to adjust how much narration you actually want as well, so that’s cool 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of this.

Visualocity says:

Choose your *G E N D E R*

Blurry Moon says:

Game looks like it could be good, but that narrator sounds like someone’s dad encouraging their child while making funny sound effects.

MechWarrior 07 says:

That narrator is so annoying
“Yeah hack and slash”
” Blast it to bits”
“Ooh you found something”
“That should be useful”
“Yeah hack and slash”
” Blast it to bits”
“Ooh you found something”
“That should be useful”
“Yeah hack and slash”
” Blast it to bits”
“Ooh you found something”
“That should be useful”
“Yeah hack and slash”
” Blast it to bits”
“Ooh you found something”
“That should be useful”

Grim The Gnoll says:

Was hoping for a spore like progression, only got a discount dishonoured.

Gerry Taylor says:

I’m looking forward to this, I like the idea of the character and world.

Pierre Frigault says:

commentator simulator, to many comments.

CoffeeGremlin says:

Hoooolllyyyy shit is that narrator ever annoying. That slow down effect is also fairly annoying . I hope they tone those down quite a bit on the full release.

Mathew Belemont says:

• karma system in a game called BioMutant sounds like choices should effect how you look and play the game

• narrator will dribble nonsense but won’t talk about the hats you put on

• the first 20 minutes felt weak and over stated “I’ll have to save everyone or kill them”

•I’ve played fable thats the kind of game you are competing with why not take the idea of the gloves from fable 3 and put a spin on the idea of mixing and matching your adaptations

Rubeus Archos says:


szalma94 says:

Polish the animations and you have yourself an unique game

taca lapetaca says:


theultimaterom says:

I don’t like the way he walks. That’s pretty much it.

Ken B says:

Definitely making Daxter

chunchoe says:

has an interesting design and cool vibe but i dont think thats enough to save the shitty jankiness of it

Jaroondee says:

My enthusiasm slowly started to die when I realized this narrator isn’t just for this video. He’s in-game. Yikes.


So far it looks fun when’s the release date

Fenny says:

Cool style, cool ideas, destroyed by an annoying narrator that is hopefully less intrusive later in the game or deactivatable during normal combat….

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