Beyond Good and Evil 2: Staff Combat & Ship Maneuvers Gameplay Demo (Official)

The latest Beyond Good and Evil 2 update features new gameplay footage on how players can navigate the world via jetpack and ship, and how groups of co-op players can stay close together when traveling at high speeds by forming an armada.

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Carl Brown says:

Why do I feel like this game isn’t gonna live up to the hype and blue balls the hell out of me? I mean I hope it’s all what it says it is, but can a PlayStation 4 and Xbox one handle this?

bepis boy says:

Why are 90% of Ubisoft employees out of touch, middle aged French guys?

dork_rex says:


An Eccentric Gamer says:

This looks…bad

Lt. Strange says:

Well, this certainly looks like an ok and interesting game so far. However, if someone were to show me this footage I would never say this was Beyond Good and Evil 2. Doesn’t look at all like the same series.

Orphanlast says:

Oh, so you’re not playing as Jade… That’s dumb. So… This isn’t really Beyond Good and Evil.

iWillWakeYouUp says:

I have a bad feeling about this.

Eternal says:

Is the black chick the only playable character?

Daniel Curran says:

I dont speak croissant

Nikolai Brown says:

I feel bad for asking but are there subtitles for the directors speach? Im having a horrible time understanding what they are saying i could obly catch some bits. Im really sorry!

Salman Barry says:

This gives me hope for half life 3

Faisal Alireza says:

Looks kinda lame

Brandon Choate says:

Holy hell the game actually exists. Those CGI trailers weren’t just made as a joke.

Michael Ellis says:

The first game was great and I hope they deliver a great sequel.

TanRic NikTak says:

Are they going to have a one-button attack again?

djrou334 says:

I don’t understand what this game is??? can anyone tell me

Solo Lolo says:


ClemmyGames - The Best Of Indie Games says:

Is that Chris Watters?

Kami Kaze says:

Don’t really care about this game

Lelouch vi Britannia says:

Meh Another overblown game.

It’s like they’re trying to pull a Cyberpunk 2077 open world on a series that doesn’t need it what’s so ever.

MingtheKing23 says:

this video told me nothing. It just showed me that they haven’t did much work on it. What even is this anyway? Why isn’t there more information by now? I can’t hate it or love it, because I don’t even know enough about it. There aren’t any ship demonstrations in the video. Can I do a barrel roll? Do I have unlimited boost? The staff combat isn’t even demonstrated with a staff. Also, the demonstration didn’t show us much of anything. Can you counter enemy attacks? Is the “staff” the only weapon? What kind of weapon does the monkey use? You can keep this update. Next time just write a memo or something this was pointless.

xxf xx says:

They gonna fuck up

ALI ESSA says:

Is it really happening 7n the next few years. I hope

Eternal says:

All of a sudden everybody are “huge” fans of the original BGE

Doesnt Exist says:

Will this be on ps4?

PlayStation rules 2.0/BDS Ashland36 says:

meh. another’s flops game’s again. I’ll wait till E3 INSTEAD GAME’S PLAY’S Footage.

iron vaina says:

Give Ubisoft some credit!!! AC origins is awesome, FarCry 5 is great, and even watchdogs 2 was a really fun game. They’ve learned from their mistakes and finally care for our opinions. This game will surely be awesome!!!

Maelström Minestrone says:

Owh god.. That’s UBISOFT ? I just run away. NEXT, PLEASE !

Larry God says:


Clones says:

Hope this is good and not another no man’s sky

zerokillerpc says:

dont hype guys dont forget who makes unhype games for years now ubisoft watchdogs and more soo wait

Ian Henry says:

BGE2 could be a worthy sequel to the first one. I’m all on board

Tilion says:

Bence bu oyun b.k gibi olacak

Erevos says:

how is shani not losing her fingers? that’s a double ended sword staff. and she is swing it using the blade.

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