Battlefield 1 Gameplay – Air Gameplay Exclusive

From Battlefield 1, exclusive gameplay of air combat in The St. Quinten Scar.

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Cloud Clown says:

How come do you play? The game list is not released

6tps // Fabled says:

That’s not safe to be walking on a plane to move to a different seat while the plane is in motion.

Strodeum says:

Is it better to go 1st person or 3rd person in the air

Lapiz 40 says:

minute 1:24 LOLLLLL

lamp idea says:

this game will die. call of duty you are too bad at making game. who ever gonna buy the golden edition of this even they give this for free i would not take it but im ready to give 100 $ for battlefield 1

StoneMountain64 says:

I AM FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM GET IN HERE

GTx_PIT Weed Mountain Bird says:

*Пиздец, что это за гавно?*

Falloutmaster5050 says:

Omg that satisfying sound when you hit the enemy <3

ferrarienzo564 says:

0:12, can;t hear you

Albert Einstein says:


This is beaultiful

Brian y-knee says:

wingsoverflandersfields  dot com  if you  decide to get into WWI era

Zak Lucero says:

lol you killed Stone Mountain in a very epic way! lol

Cinema-Figure says:

Battlefield 1 and Evolve need to come together and create a King Kong Empire State building mode.

Donny Ip says:

Can you guys tell me where to find air gameplay in multiplayer mode? or is it a dlc?

The Shawoosh says:

Randezook someone pls …

Royal Painter says:

“Battlefield 1 delivers a-”



Nice Video Man Left a Like 🙂

R- Ho says:

We can’t understand a shit with the game sound louder than the comentary !

Simon Reiley says:

R.I.P warthunder

Koda Wolf says:

the fokker dr1 has no throttle control irl its either wide open or off

Gavin Casey says:

Probably The Best Pilot Of The Entire Event.

Mike Hamilton says:

Same planes I saw at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Dr. Einhorn says:

The air vehicles actually look maneuverable now. I couldn’t pilot air vehicles for shit in Battlefield 4.

Cookin Raw says:

Do you think pre ordering the game will be beneficial?

B.C.S.O says:

oh god, the sounds are just amazing

Utku Akbas says:

How do you free look in planes?

xMaT-eO says:

What is your rig ? 🙂

trent jenkins says:

this is gonna be the best battlefield since bf3

cactus clay says:


Hyperjay says:

Damn this flying system from Battlefront… .NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

stalin was cancer says:

Lol, StoneMountain got rekt by ponylion.

Louie Vazquez says:

its insane how fast you turn and maneuver on the plane, when I use the plane, it only has one speed, full throttle, which means I cant dive into the ground and shoot infantry because the plane wont pull up fast enough, which is again, unfair, seems like another battlefield failure where i shoot someone standing still in the back and the bullets wont register, but thats too be expected. this game is just another battleshit.

ShitHighInTransit says:

No bolt actions. In a WW1 game. No thanks DICE.

Alexander Tobias says:

Total unrealitische maneuvers, speed remains the same, no matter how to control his aircraft. The sky is full of marks of enemy aircraft or bases, clashes are without consequences, Enemy formations are not even close yet, you can see Enemy aircraft only individually flying around. Just not good implemented for a game of World War. The producer would have easier times based on the game of the Red Baron. That there soon for 20 years … and is much more realistic than the graphics.

One may as a game in the genre and the current technology just does not make so broken.


cactus clay says:


ShadowViking47 says:

0:19 idk why, but that was one of the coolest things i’ve seen in Battlefield for a long time.

Jim Duncan says:


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