Battlefield 1 Epic Air Combat | BF1 Beta Gameplay

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Karl Beautyman says:

See you on Battlefield 1 from Regiment 7990

FAILZcore82v1 says:


Mr3344555 says:

I challenge you to a game. I’ve been watching you ever since you began and I want to play a player that seems like he knows what he’s doing. you’ve been Challenged and your reply is waiting.

Knightfang1 says:

the AA guns are Beasts, I was surprised how easy it is to get kills with it

darthslayer98 says:

Do you use a controller when you fly?

The13lackMist says:

props to the bomber that swooped in when you were sniping great video !

Cody Zywicki says:

look at game chat at 0:55

Jadikan Sparky says:

i honestly like how there are a lot more draws, more realistic towards WW1, and yes i know its not supposed to be realistic but i still like it.

Fernando Borrego says:

this game is amazing but dogfight and pilot a plane is frustrating…

TheRyderShotgun says:

I like flying in bf1. I especially love crashing headfirst into enemy bombers just to spite the people in them.

soliderack says:

I don’t necessarily think tanks are op. I think at weapons as a whole could use a buff. especially HE rifle grenades.

dse gaming says:

“this isn’t soccer”

Gamerafighter76 says:

Nice teamwork, guys. Gotta love the air combat.

Adam Kunst says:

All AA needs a nerf.

Deen Khan says:

Bf1 power house

Aircraft Mania says:

Can I please have 2 likes on this comment?!?!

Emperor Palpatine says:

My only complains are not the tank or air crafts power,But there armor and their health are way too strong.Sometimes your right in the middle of the dessert away from a car to move fast and suddenly a tank comes your way to kill you and you don’t have a rocket launcher because there aren’t many of them and it still takes good shots to take a tank down.Hopefully we get stronger weapons to counter attacks those fucking tanks.

bumboclat says:

lol dem rockets… need to be anti-airship and anti-inf only. look up how they worked Dice folks…

Wallerllanera says:

5:00 “Oh man that was funny” with the saddest voice ever! xD

Just a Black Dude says:

“Do a barrel roll!”

Christopher Beazley says:

“Oh yeah dude it’s really good, like eye sex” – Levelcap 2016

Bradley Morgan says:

HAHAHAHAHA!!! ended in a draw!

DeadEyeSavage says:

@levelcapgaming how do you fly so easily? when i try to use the mouse it jerks back and i have to keep picking up my mouse and move it to compensate but it looks like u just move your mouse barely and it sticks.

YaBoi ThreeDog says:

“This game is like eye sex”-Levelcap 2016

Austin Denitello says:

2:53, They say that you’ll learn your real friends in war.

xVcemppuVx says:

i got a question can a few tanks on the train cracks stop it

Master Tube says:

The First Battle in The Beginning With The Horse And The Train Reminds Me Of Red Dead Revolver

Conflicter101 says:

is it me or did they Nerf the fighter plan in the release ?

Dylan Cherry says:

9:24 lol fucking hackers

Tristan melfi says:

can you change the load out of your plane? or is it preseted

Eric Gil says:

Stop bitching

The Frenchest Fry says:

Honestly, I just wanna see the campaign .

Baller Boy says:

So. do you only get the horse’s if you by the deluxe? are is that more like skins?

Unknown Anonymous says:


Joseph Nordby says:

anyone think they should have a mode were its planes only like in battlfield 1943

denvera1g1 says:

what is wrong with the tail gunner, its like no matter what lead i give it it will always miss

MrHACKSS says:

See you guys all work together and have fun and everything when I play no one has mic’s to talk and work together that has to be the only thing I hate bout BF1 uts great though

CaptainGurmanjot Singh says:

1:55 You broke the Law of War Come on LevelCap I expected better from you:)

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