Battlefield 1 Combat Medic Gameplay – Multiplayer

Today I’m playing the more supportive classes in Battlefield 1’s multiplayer. Enjoy!

Battlefield 1 Assault Gameplay:

Twitch Streaming:


crazycharacter99 says:

OMG the objective names are killing me! XD

Harlan Hyppolite says:

Massive game can’t wait!!!

Lead1121 says:

The announcer is just plan old annoying

Scar ClyClone says:

Check out my youtube channel please

Dart says:

The announcer better be just a simple place-holder for a hardened Drill Sergeant

CaptOxBig says:

Wiz Khalifa went 1-11 Hahahaha

anthonyjbone says:

when can we play the butter ?

This Guy says:

So many semi-autos. This looks terrible.

H34D CRAB says:

Why didn’t you bayonet anyone?

mrsillywalk says:

I am reminded of a Michael Moorcock alternative world.

Nunya Bidniss says:

i’ve never been able to aim well in fps. any tips on pc with keyboard and mouse? what’s the best dpi and whatnot.

GERRiE says:

These guns look badass af.

Noah Tackett says:

can you customize your class? like obviously you wont be throwing on a kobra sight but can you like change your weapon loadout and stuff when it launches?

the medic says:

the soldiers kinda sound like JackFrags, is that just me? No? Yes? Ok

theycamefrombehind says:

Those destructible surroundings are really cool.

tommek says:

Is this the PC version?

Gotham Savior says:

I can’t wait for BF2, WWII

Dominus Providebit says:

Quick question, waddup with everyone saying “bolt weapon” what are u guys refering to??

Corey Shenk says:

lmfao. “we’re losing objective butter” wtf battlefield…. hahahha

mypavei says:

It is foolish to that woman talking. Voiceover needed to make male and rude. This is war.

Laggy Sponge says:

Game looks amazing, but is anyone else annoyed by “apples, butter Charlie, Duff, Edwards, Freddy”?

HardHustle says:

What is that machine gun hes using called?

MaxJacks Burgastax says:

We are losing unidentifiable feminine objective.

blazzer73553 says:


zesound says:

You hella baited @ 1:14 xD LOL

Ragnar Lothbrok says:

cant wait for release pre ordering this friday looks so much better than bf4

Reck LeSs says:

6:21 , he’s playing vs doom49

Gaming with J says:

How do u see with these guns it takes up most of the screen

Fortune Finder says:

I saw no medic actions in this “medic gameplay” ? ….

-RATED R Gamaliel says:

The Guy That Killed You At 1:06 actually has a Youtube Channel

Trevor Standing Soldier says:

one revive… nice gameplay as a medic

Not The Soap says:

Ok just to clear up everything about the objectives and the Female voice. The voice is a place holder yes, but the objective names aren’t they’re are correct for the British Military during WW1.

The Shel Shel Gamer says:


blazzer73553 says:

this honestly looks like a skin over or mod of battle front or bf4… I’m very weary about this considering was track record

Toned Down Violence says:

what weapon is he using at 0:33?

Hunter Evans says:

As someone who plays verdun, other than the other ahistoric things, it feels weird that reloading is so fast with the semi automatics

The Red Hawaiian says:

Anyone else think the Mondragon sounds uber satisfying?

EnOrangeSoffa says:

Why bother mounting an LMG when they still have ZERO recoil? this is gonna be another lmg bukkake just like bf4…

FatBoy9222 says:


John Burns says:

1:23 rip in faze booce

Dustin Goynes says:

I can’t wait for this game f#$k cod

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