Battlefield 1 Assault Guide – Master Of Combat | BF1 Gameplay

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Hey guys, today we’re going to take a look at what is bound to be one of the most popular classes in Battlefield One.

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Ethan Benedict says:

He killed Ravic at 4:05.

John Mellet says:

1:30 talks about having to assault as he hides in a tower xD but it was a cool guide thanks for the tips man

Game Changer says:

He killed THERUSSIANBADGER Youtuber in the land ship with the anti tank grenade

Mark Lovo says:

Equip Model A Hunter

gabriel ybarra says:

4:09 favorite part because of therussianbadger

Brian Kulinski says:

Anyone think the assault class has too much anti-tank capabilities?

Ethan Bearry says:

Support is ze base

Golden Foxy 135096827107 says:

whats the best class

Dayrahl says:

the only class used* also why do they get bayonets and why would they beat a bolt action. its soo short the ba would win.

RoyalTemp says:

u killed ravic

colinjrob1 says:

assault is dog shit. good luck “assaulting” on bigger maps 2 miles long and get sniped before you get near anyone.

Templarium says:

I’m not so sure assult is that popular. All I see most of the time are Support and Medic. Medics are just annoying.

Dany Heatley says:

the assault class blows ass

Garry S says:

Does Assault have to go prone position to simply take out a tank?

Mr. Vortex says:

Nice video

Jimmy Nebula says:

I used to love Levelcap, but he’s gotten away from his strengths. If you’re reading this levelcap, stick to gun reviews, and get to the point of your video. If I wanted analysis I’ll watch ESPN. There is no one like you at a solid factual review, but the blabbering has become almost un watchable. I find myself forwarding every video of yours until you start giving facts. Please because Jack Fraggs is catching up to you real quick….


A Sincere Fan

mantas boi says:

I just noticed he was playing with screen-tearing

Glare_Elite says:

They should make it so you can choose what your character looks like so people won’t get triggered over what race their class is.

stalkerlohh says:

can t’you shoot through objects as well, like walls, doors with smg and other type of weapons ?

Anas Bin Harharah says:

4:06 THERUSSIANBADGER, You just got anti-tanked! *Weazy voice*

Asher purdie says:

They should add an ANZAC dlc.

Fartun Ali says:

what’s the name of the gun that has knife in front of it

Ashok Kumar says:

guys how to spot an enemy using PS4?

Matthias Höck says:

fuck america!!!!

ethan sabin says:

the at rocket gun is like a mid range sniper tbh

Firewolf says:

My God… I remember playing against a player on another team named prophet on fire. He killed that same guy in this video around 5:30. Wow it’s such a small world.

how do i get 2 lumbidge says:

So ironic that Assault is the least used class.

For Your Consideration says:

I put my controller up my butt

Death says:

The MP-18 Trench and Hellregel are insane, love it!

FX_ EL1TE says:

I really want Dice to add non-automatic rifles for the assault class. I like the class but not the guns.

jab 9000 says:

close quarters? you can snipe with the model 10a

Hockeymaskbob says:

“you have to get in close with these weapons” proceeds to kill a medic from the top of a windmill…

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