Battlefield 1 Airplane Combat – Is It Just For Show? | BF1 Plane Gameplay

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Hey guys, today we’re going to discuss airplanes and the role they play in BF1.

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Forrest Coltham says:

So now that the game is out,
You can take flags when you fly around them.
The aircraft are super powerful if you team spots enemies on the ground.

The flakk cannons are OP.

Jesus Bernal says:

I seem to find it affective. I usually use the trench fighter and take out obviously other aircraft but tend to look for the glares of snipers off in the distance who could be picking off my team mates. I’ve found aircraft to be really important if the pilot himself knows what he/she is doing

MundaneTurtle41 says:

Dude just play the fucking game and have fun quit being so Picky jeez

uiolkijhgh says:

Nothing like a good old sopwith

NiSmoZ says:

90% of my kills are infantry and tanks

chico choco says:

how doi get ur aim on planes?

Jack Son says:

Either I was high but sometimes I see this plane fly across the back of the map that looks like a ww2 plane

Weston Meyers says:

I find that on the xbox the endless round and round chasing happens in fighter v fighter.

dONGLY100 says:

the planes are good at taking out scouts!

Da Rijo says:

If you kill the other fighters or keep them busy, your bomber can make a lot of damage, so you are contributing in a way.

Maximilian Bolle says:

i feel like the bomber is strong enough, especially the front gunner. you can literally mow down infantrie with it. and the bombs are rediculously strong vs tank. in my opinion as balanced as it should be

Great Hair says:

a plane dreadnought would be cool

swindonbadger says:

I think even though u don’t get points a well timed bombing run with an 7 man plus squad wipe on an objective ur team mates are going for can be a game changer, as well as then sending a fighter to deal with the bomber so it does not happen again ^^u do feel a bit pointless ^^ up there but its so much fun to get a decent bombing run under fire or take out the bomber esp under tail gun fire aa fire and 2 bogies closing on your tail …….

Cristian Tafolla says:

While I agree with most of what you said the Tank Hunter class on the Attack Plane is ridiculously powerful against enemy armor. It’s very easy to take down Landships and Heavy tanks with two or three passes not to mention that aiming the cannon to the ground can take out infantry pretty easily.

DJoni says:

It would be nice if you were abeld to unlock different kinds of bombs with different application areas like bombs which are very powerful versus tanks etc .

real panda Gaming mc says:

levelcap gaming how do you get plane skin


When you play in a team as a squad with friends and you are in TS or something to communicate it’s pretty nice even against ground targets. There are loadouts against ground targets as well, not just one. When your mates spot you can perfectly support them and they can take out the AA-guns etc. It’s a teamgame though 🙂

Rizvee Ratul says:

they need to come up with arial combat like in the previous games. arial conquest would be perfect.

MX-DRIVE says:

Planes are for getting to the other side and jumping out!

Eduard Walter says:

Can you play only dogfight missions, online ?

sn0m0ns says:

Too many AA guns just ruins it

Mr. McMeepingston says:

I think that they should make bombers faster, but still very unmaneuverable.

ciro rana says:, You should check this one ! an impressive work for an indie team . A truly flight game lovers

The Panda says:

how do you get the planes? i cant find one in multiplayer, how do you get it? plz help

LegendaryZiggs says:

Bombers have too much HP.

Civil Soap says:

Personally, I think a game is about having fun, not focusing on points and stats and crap.

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