BAND OF BROTHERS – Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Gameplay


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fixer10091994 says:

Which soundmod do you use diplex?

WarHawkTV says:

And yes, there was Fallschirmjager defending Carentan.

Texan Zebra says:

Is this a mod or a game?

Paco Rey says:

Can you make mod in central and South America and their soldiers

Camden Johnson says:

he said 501st several times

Julius Salangsang says:

action start at 24:20

Callum Anderson says:

These types of videos (Band of Brothers based) have to happen more often since im a big fan of the series. Also the same should be done for the Pacific.

Lion24 says:

4:28 the commander of Easy Company on D-Day was killed when his plane was shot down

sean velmer says:

I got a 53 min long ad but it was a movie… And it was good it was a bout a kid who’s mother dies from OD on heroin and moves in with his grandmother and uncles who actually are bank robbers and he slowly adapts to the life it ended the ad after one of the uncles is getting a bullet wound patched up from a job they just did

Chris Lebeau says:

I’ve only heard them called ‘hedgerows’

Robb14 Gibbs says:

my grandfather fought in Normandy

Nikolai adsd says:

Diplex, What game is this?

CursetheVandal says:

Nixon wasnt in command of infantry or anything like that he was intelligence i do believe, never even fired his weapon during Bastogne

Nathan sexington says:

do ww1 please

The Butcher says:

How can I play this game?

Rory Palmer says:

nixon was originally in easy company in toccoa but was promoted in battalion S3 which is intelligence officer. He later became regimental S3 for the 506 but was then demoted back to battalion S3.

Extreme Robloxian says:

Captain sobel

ectall lyman says:

able, baker, charlie, dog, easy, fox

audric francisco says:

It’s actually 501st not 506

UnderBoss648 says:

I like this game but damn it’s so expensive

romewarrior says:


Josh Villanueva says:

how do you get such good frames? I’m running a GTX 980 with an I7 4790K and 16gb of ram and struggle to maintain 40 frames with all settings maxed out, curious, what are your settings for CMBN?

Amephil Badilles says:

play like a movie?

the man says:

the AI in this game is pretty bad

Jarod Affy says:

Where can I get this game

Mr.bubblewubblebubble Mr.bubble says:

can we get a code for the game next episode

Plum says:

These animations are trash.

MoeLesterGaming says:

Oh my god you talk wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much. I love ur content, but nobody cares about what exact company did what or shit like that

oumaima atil says:

He said the501 first

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