AWESOME New Lightsaber Combat! Hero Showdown | Battlefront 2 Gameplay

AWESOME New Lightsaber Combat! Hero Showdown | Battlefront 2 Gameplay

110 Anakin Skywalker Killstreak:

70 Kylo Ren Killstreak:

Welcome back to another Battlefront 2 gameplay video at the Star Bazaar, in this Battlefront 2 gameplay video we are showcasing the NEW revamp to the lightsaber combat system which came with the Capital Supremacy Update. We did a few 1 vs 1s in Hero Showdown on the new Geonosis map and it looked pretty good!

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Dalton Buck says:

Death Vader talks so much shit.

Jonathan Bealsly says:

I’m not seeing the difference at all it looks the same just mindless wailing

Spiders Galore says:

I really dislike the ability to slide dodge “roll button”. It looks stupid and you never see anyone do it in the movies and hardly if not at all in the tv series. We should have gotten better dueling when the game came out. At least its improved a little, still like two toys crashing together. Its just so hard to implement such a system without having a weird sword swinging simulator like in the old jedi knight series.

AA Kk says:

Luke: It’s over maul I have the high ground

Maul: you underestimate the power.. of the dark side

*Luke blocks, force pushes, and force dances*

*luke kills maul*

Maul: this will not be the END! *fakes dies

*Years Later because you know dice takes for ever to add updates
Maul receives a block *

Maul: I have return Luke and this time I will.. kill you * had block ready*

To be continued

Hoenn Trainer34 says:

Honestly, it’s a step in the right direction, but people are still giving it too much praise. Even though you can no longer attack after running out of stamina, I never really find it an issue because most saber users have so much of it that you can just keep spamming against a blocker. There’s also one big that’s still a problem, Heroes vs Villains is still garbage with its target system promoting 4 v 1s all the time.

Vernon Lim says:

I wish that the block would visually move the lightsaber to block the attacker

Anthony corona says:

That count dooku skin is fucking ridiculous bro that shit is as stupid as the dark ritual

Sharp Shades says:

See like this is a good fix but I hate how it doesn’t look like real star was light saber battles from any of the movies or cartoons I feel like if they had a saber fighting game like for honor but with force abilities it would look a lot better and be more fun just because I really only like saber fighting and fighting styles from the series and it would be cool to have a game based around it

Jay Fairless says:

I hate they removed the getting staggered after hitting a blocking opponent, blocking was already kinda crappy against spam now its utterly useless

Dem Spookz says:

So now instead of block spam it’s dash spam

Chase Mathes says:

I hate it when people play emotes after they kill you…like how old are you? 8?

Sagan Thapa says:

I thought that dice would make the lightsaber animations just like the movie duels.

Dankalicious LordBlunt says:

Not gonna hate on the new changes cuz its a huge improvement. But honestly, even the blaster bolt blocking animation would’ve been better than no animation at all. Still, it does bring lightsaber dueling to a more skill based, competitive level and I love that so much! I got high hopes for jedi vs sith gameplay now! After all, they did say it would be the first of many lightsaber improvements.

Caden Yancey says:

Looks worse to me tbh

Phiera says:

Thats rlly poorly made, jedi Acedemy had better lightsaber combat and animations, it isn’t that hard to create blocking aminations for every character. I mean like wtf are the doing? The lightsaber hits the people and they aren’t dead. They could easily make it that the final strike is the one hitting the target.

Noble 6 says:

1:30 I respect that Obi-Wan player for letting you actually have a 1v1 duel

king D says:

Wow didn’t know they could nerf maul even more.

Larry Legend is the GOAT says:

This is way smoother than before

Trash Panda 34 says:

Darth Maul’s unlimited stamina is what balanced out the fact that he has no block. Now he is the most vulnerable saber hero.

Dedric Silva says:

Finally a lightsaber combat that is better. I still wish it was like Jedi Knight but its still amazing that they improved it.

I LiKe PiGeoNs says:

I love this update. And that hero gameplay was perfect

Jonathan Stiver says:

I was so disappointed when maul didn’t get a block. That’s his weakness.

curry man says:

Welp my boi maul is now useless. This is outrageous! It’s unfair!

Curt Voly says:

Dooku & Rey: *Fighting each other to the death*
Obi-Wan: Highground! HIGHGROUND!!!!

LightSideBeats says:

Wait, so Maul can’t even block still? Why did he have those stats on the chart then that makes no sense of them?

Casual Gamer says:

I can’t play capital supremacy because the game is glitching wtf

Hunter Leonard says:

It’d be cooler if they had blocking animations like for blaster fire but this is still godly. I don’t mind this at all tho.

tywan harrison says:

Everything about that vadar battle was amazing from the words spoken between them and the 1v2 was really cool

HMX Falcon says:

I didn’t notice Rey’s lightsaber is a different blue color. Maybe Cyan?


Is it me or does mace window feel like he’s been thrown out the window.

EboyNextDoor says:

better but still looks wonky.

johnny garcia says:

So wet !

Raul Ramos says:

I feel like you should actively press the block button to block lightsaber strikes and hold it to deflect gunfire, Idk wild thought

Michael Brown says:

wish I could get lightsaber battles like this. I can only play against my nephew and he’s trash XD

Alpha Papa Palpatine says:

Was there a big flash when lightsabers connect before the update?

Urpepe Hotdog says:

Nice work!A big improvement

slingshot 509 says:

How is its

C Swanc says:

This looks awesome! It’s about damn time they made changes like this! I’m redownloading this game right now.

Michael Brown says:

I agree with most of these guys maul needs a block or at least a special dash ability

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