Avorion | Combat Chaos! | Part 3 | Avorion Gameplay

Glorious combat, at last!

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Playlist (Including The First Impressions) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz_s8fD_-7sH1U6ue_Zu4osi4WK0x1ro2

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Outro music – Kevin MacLeod – ‘Sneaky Snitch’ (All videos! 😀 )


Kelly Rants says:

5:36 i am so mad that you missed this exceptional item cause i was just like “Oh, an exceptional item…i wonder what it’ll be.” but you missed it and i was sooo annoyed.

Spudork says:

Lathrup plays 40k!

Sentinel2k6 says:

I don’t know if someone told you this bevor, but dedicated crew is up to three times more powefull than the standart crewmember. Or in other words, you need way more crewspace if you don’t hire dedicated crewmember. Also in Avorion it does not matter where you place things on your ship, you can place thrusters and engine inside the hull, you can stack thrusters and engines no drag etc. Oh, and i love your series, keep going 🙂

Edvin Lundin says:

Build the Mellenium Falcon!!!

MetallicaLife4 says:

Looks like you’re in need of a bigger ship, with all those nice upgrades xD

Nicholas Futch says:

Lathland, how do you do it? How do you make your videos so awesome? How do make your videos so funny, so crazy, and so derpy? You have techniques no one else does. How do you do it?

Aidan Dixon says:

Uhh lathhrix is that quad bolter umm… A quad quad bolter!? Equip it really quick and shoot it to find out. I really need to know and if im right then i think u want that gun on your spaceship

Jack Wolfe says:


spencer tannenbaum says:

seriously 30 thumbs up this is awesome!

Kelly Rants says:

if you could attempt to say the vocabulary words in this that would be amazing

AVΣS says:

I think you missed exceptional loot.

Jack Wolfe says:


brandon stebbe says:

one of these day he’ll say “greetings sir and serviette” and I’ll be happy!

Lord Metri says:

Those weren’t missiles the pirate had, they were fighters. That’s what those fighters you can buy look like.

The Prankster!! says:

please do session 5 of from the depth

Lord Fudge Packer Mc Gooberson says:

I know you may play off camera for fun, but have you considered streaming your non youtube footage? because for games like this its nice to get the full experience (but I obviously understand that for youtube you want to condense it down) This way you would have the best of both worlds.

Drake Shadron says:

Honestly, it’s not really that the guns are inaccurate it’s that most of the Ecoogooy Pirates’ ships are narrow and stick-y, making them fairly hard to hit but seriously brittle.

Kapteeni Krisu says:

Can’t wait to see his reaction to the Exceptional super lasers that deal like 2k damage.

corbinium says:

ironically, he is pirating the pirates
“give me everything you have”

Brianthegreat says:

the Sun fish reminds me of Slave1

Игровой канал Atom Dream says:

i fall asleep every time im trying to watch. I “watched” whole playlist about 7 times already and still stuck on this episode 🙂

Tyler Moorhouse says:

Randomly happened upon your videos for this in my sidebar. Game looks awesome! Currently super into Conan Exiles but I am buying Avorion for sure this weekend 🙂 Just keep swimmin, brave Sunfish! 😛

Allan Tayor says:

The number of guns makes no difference in damage or firespeed

Mr Pengfish says:

Lathrix.nhow much does this game cost?

Aletheran says:

I like that in this ep you’re basically being a bounty hunter and your ship looks quite similar to the ship the Bounty Hunters Guild from Freelancer use 🙂

Legit Awesomeness says:

Keep doing this pls

James Jones says:

like lvl 1 will b 1.5 gunners lvl 3 is 2.5 ect

brian guzman says:

You should do a fish theme with all your ships

Rocco Sato says:


No. Dakkafish.

Foxy Foxy says:

You can do more episods for avorion.

AnonEyeMouse says:

Coat your ship with armour. I have a thin layer of titanium armour all over my ship… only thrusters are exposed. Only my thrusters take any damage and it is rare they are hit as I place angled armour around them (so only direct 90° fire reaches them). I tank swarms of enemies and gut them with my two exceptional quad bolt guns. what started as a tiny explorer ship and miner has turned into a smallish ship that can demolish corvette and frigates with ease. Not gotten past the Titanium space yet but I’m kicking ass. Working on building up rep and cash to build my first stations.

If I have read the numbers and rules right, chain guns can’t penetrate actual armour.

Akato says:

Lath, why aren’t you doing a stream of this, like right now ?

James Jones says:

If u buy real gunners not crew they lvl up making u need less crew

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