Assassin’s Creed Origins: Xbox One X Combat & Quest Exploration Gameplay in 4K – E3 2017

We take on some side quests and go off the beaten path to see new areas, tombs and more in Assassin’s Creed Origin’s played on the Xbox One X.

Disclamer: We’d like clarify that the audio in the videos doesn’t represent the game audio. There was an audio issue with the Ubisoft required equipment on-site.

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Monst3rCaptain says:

Why show some console gameplay? If you want to show the best for this game then show PC and show us it wont be buggy

Denis Ferro says:

Just because the combat system doesn’t looks as smooth or realistic as the old one, that doesn’t mean is bad, actualy it looks way more fun than the ultrascripted and weightless mess we always got. Is a videogame, not a movie. I__I

Johnathan Wells says:

I’m interested in this game for the combat alone. The rest looks alright, just more of the same

Almighty SW Gamer says:

Looks really beatiful but i hope you wont have to use eagle all the time to just open the map, because it will take hours and hours to just oepn everything ffs

LeBryant Jordanicus Walton says:

xbox one x is just a black version of xbox on s only with a cooler name

Ghostflo x says:

GOD They need to work on that combat ASAP

Adam Dintelman says:

the combat looks horrible

Sean Winkfield says:

This brings me back to Assassins Creed 1. I can’t wait. Assassins Creed works better in Ancient times.

Midy Midy says:

bad combat

Yung Wells says:

IGN always has some trash gamer demoing the games

Romeo Love says:

Graphics looks amazing. The sound of that water is on point lol.

Your dark lord says:

It’s so half assed

Christian Cutsforth says:

I love how this and cod are like every time we go forward in time the games get worse…GO BACK GO BACK

Riddem79 says:

Why the black assassins always on boats?

Razor Sharp says:

this combat looks so boring why not have it like AC3? 🙁

Gucci Versace says:

Can we just take the time to appreciate how beautiful the water is

Stefan Batrinache says:

17:00 WTF

dozdick says:

What have i watched? Is it a witcher 3???

karthickpersia says:

16:57 Damn I wish I can roll on a Stick :'( xD

Xavier Sánchez says:

Eagle vision… Literally…

VoiceOver says:

NO… no no no… i dont like this game.. BUT I LOVE Assassins CREEEED!
i hate the fight system and the movements are weird…

thats prince of persia with a bad fight system and bad movements…
Sorry but WHAT?!?!?

dont proud of AC…

Speirs says:

Shitty combat. I don’t say it because it is easier, it’s just clunky, the system is not as worked as I would like, hope they update it in the final version.

DerLunter Yeahh says:

Is nobody annoyed that the eagle can stop in the air?

Silverfox says:

as a stealth gamer this dude offends me lol getting seen so easily xD

IGN says:

Hi All,

4K is still processing on Youtube. Thanks for your patience!


Nom Terrible says:


Not Todd Howard says:


lanesnc says:

The combat system looks terrible and cheesy. You should have combat that reacts with every move and be able to block. We need real fights

Silverfox says:

if he has all five fingers and is using a hidden blade pre altier I’ll be upset cus it was supposed to be that had to remove a finger to use it

cgi creative says:

Egyptians aren’t this dark

King L.Richards says:

the person playing makes me not want to get this game lol. you should have practice first before recording

PHIFan-MIA says:

This looks so generic. Please tell me this runs poorly on the xbox and it’ll improve be smoother on PS4 and PC. It’s not just the graphics, but the gameplay in general looks last gen or the same generic AC game.

Hajime Hanju says:

the game looks like a failure to me LOL

Stefan Batrinache says:

13:12 OMG

Min triks says:

игра говно

MrHuzzHuzz says:

combat is terrible, hack and slash, so sad to see such a beautiful game with a 10 year old combat system

Guilherme Branco says:

I feel like nobody explained this guy the controls before he played. He runs in guns blazing and just smashes all the buttons???

JORDYC334 says:

I’m a die hard AC fan… But this isn’t AC anymore….

Cuban Cucumber says:

The combat is horrendous, very un AC like. Too dark souls, too unrealistic. I was hyped until i saw it.

redgreen3b1 says:

The little chirps & tweets everytime you look in a direction from the things on the map gotta go!

Adnan Qamar says:

Dude, you gotta improve a lot, whoever is playing the game, you need to improve, your strategy and stealth, its kinda horrible.

Fred Wills says:

I hate the combat system it’s to much like an rpg like the witcher like where’s the killstreaks or cool finishers

TheRealisticGamer says:

It looks like allot of fun, that’s all i can say, not nothing “ground breaking” but allot of fun

The XX says:

The game is weird af

Jose V says:

So you are in a animus of some sort!?

Zeniithe says:

Assassin’s Creed Origins needs multiplayer

Tarzan Reis says:

esse personagem parece comigo .

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