Assassin’s Creed Origins: Stealth Gameplay & High Action Combat – Compilation Vol.13 (Xbox One X)

Welcome back to Assassin’s Creed Origins. There is a free update going one where you can get this awesome outfit as well as a Final Fantasy 15 update that gives the shield and sword, as well as a mount. I’m glad to see some free dlcs coming out that do not revolve around microtransactions. I hope to see more free updates like this in the future, I love the update and if you haven’t tried it out yet I think you should hop on and do it. I believe this stuff is for a limited time & then it will return later. Let me know if you enjoyed the video and thank you for the support, see you soon 😀


Rezolute says:

Nice work! Great gameplay!

esharp5 says:

why do you keep on stabbing them with your sword instead of just killing them stealthy

tpemma says:

What light bow are you using?

intravol says:

There is no secrecy, but noise. Very poor passage!

Ssj .Blurr says:

what sword is that?

Ahazu says:

are u playing in nightmare mode??

Pokemon iz Slavonije says:

Hha you go to aleksandria where soldiers is lvl 8 and 9

Blazed Gamer101 says:

Do you have hack

Dipika Mohanty says:

cool bro

Fortnite Games says:

Abonneer even op mij morgen eerste video

Bandicoot Bros says:

Where do you find this stuff

Radu Andreoiu says:

You are Anubis?

legosuperdiggs Games says:

Which mission gives you the Anubis suit

Inhumane Relationz says:

Lmao the beginning is ridiculous. Those guards would have 100 percent seen you crossing that rope

SebA zimiński says:


Arun Tranter says:

Im so pissed of I got this game for Christmas and i just missed the trials of the Gods. Hope there’s good stuff in the next one

Vera Malakova says:

Best of

André Falk says:

2:59 how to you sneak while charging your sword? I play on pc and I’ve tried it but it doesn’t work

jay_the_boss 05 says:

How do you get the anubis outfit?

Retr0 ********* says:

Where did you find that outfit?

Isaiah Lopez says:

Please tell me what light bow that is

Thiccam says:

How do you do that leap attack at 1:18

Cj Alderson says:

I liked and subscribed

Noam gaming says:

You can reveal your ability points stats ???

Ben Bryan says:


Mwatzzzy G says:

Just realized this channel is Swifty loves you’s channel lol

Yash Hedge says:

What was the outfit you had on Bayek?

Farventus - Major says:

1:58 that was badass af

Trevor Saw says:

What bows are you using in the video?

David Kwaku says:

I’m crying right now knowing that I’ll never have this game and even if I do get it I’ll never have this gear cos I’m from Ghana: a super underdeveloped country

Yongy says:

Can you do one with the Spaniard outfit? If you don’t have it then it’s ok

Mick Thompson says:

What was that sword jump ability called

pewpew 21 says:

whats the specs and ingame settings u were using ?

James Middleton says:

6:42 “stealth”

Boaz Muller says:

How do you get legendary outfits and weapons?

Sony Do Bem says:

i love this game and i love your channel 😀

VocalCalibration says:

The doggo assassin.

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