Assassin’s Creed Origins – New Combat Gameplay | Epic Montage

– Ubisoft released some new gameplay footage for Assassin’s Creed Origins. Here’s a quick compilation that we made. Enjoy the video!

– Voici une petite compilation des nouvelles images d’Assassin’s Creed Origins mettant en avant les combats. Bonne vidéo! 🙂
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Marek wlaz says:

what is this soundtrack?

Corbin King says:

Anybody thinks it’s way too much blood now last week or the latest demo had a perfect amount

RaideRider 72 says:

Excellent video. May I know the song used in the video? Thankls

Matthew Chow says:

This is just like crash bandicoot

samuel freitas says:

Dark souls

Son of Judah says:

Yet people gonna still say that the combat is no good.. well, it looks great to me brotha Ashraf. You and the team keep up the fantastic work.

Yasi Faizi says:

nice combat system i love it

Bikkyy Chaudhry says:

The swing animations don’t really have that weight to them. It feels very…..

Kyle Lucien says:

Best combat system adopted from Witcher, this is the right path.

Merdan Dinc says:

Rip al people

as Coldpen says:

Like DarkSouls ……

Still learning to Japanese Games

Герман Ларионов says:

ugly animation

garry says:

I hope you can fight with the hidden blade again.

Chris J says:

How the hell does a lion dodge attacks like a ninja

Theo Ardoin says:

Assassins never used a shield so why did they ad one ? It’s more a templar thing , Assassins must be free to move

Eriko. Oy says:

This is what this franchise needed: almost a complete overhaul. This seems more like an experiment, than a template so to say. Like Syndicate’s combat looked absolutely shit, this doesn’t look nearly as bad

MrG1NG4N1NJ4 says:

People really so upset because it isnt easy anymore

Mayron Bouillon says:

C’est quoi se gameplay de combat mèrde. Vous vous plaignait de l’ancien gameplay mais la on dirait même plus assassin’s creed on dirait dark soul. Vous avez massacres assassin’s creed c’est le plus vilain système de combat que j’ai vu. Les développeurs on tué assassin’s creed avec leurs gameplay merdique !


Looks clunky? This looks awesome. Some of you need to stop the Hate crimes yo. Xbox One: Postacrat add me.

DEAD Chronic says:

The haters in this comment section are really pissing me of it looks great and I mean fucking great i just wanna rip there faces of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dangleplums says:

Completely unimpressed, and to all those saying “Wait for release”, I would if it was a new IP, but it clearly has all the same things I hated about Syndicate/Unity’s combat system. Just as unsatisfying, just as dull, and to make things even worse it’s now very reminiscent of ‘For Honour’…because everyone loved that. I want to be excited and love this game, but they’ve strayed too far for me. Just think of how satisfying fighting is in Brotherhood/Revelations/AC3/Black Flag and compare it next to this. They may have been easy, but they were FUN, which is what matters most! I know the game isn’t complete yet, but I would bet my hard earned money that it won’t look too different upon release. Sad times we live in, AC has always been my favourite franchise 🙁

RySdeFault says:

I don t like new systeme of fighting

Eric The Red says:

I see a lot of complaints about combat animation but as a fan of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, there isn’t much difference. Looks great to me. Facial animation in dialogue scenes could use some work though but i’m no critic. If my gold edition released tomorrow i would play the hell out of it.

Бородатый Ж says:

АХУЕННО !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shrimp3r JR says:

Looks kinda like Witcher 3 combat, so I’m happy

iSpaceKoala says:

Chose importante à savoir, un Assassin’s Creed peut-il vraiment être un Assassin’s Creed sans les lames secrètes et un quelconque lien avec le présent ? Il me semble très bon surtout avec le système de cycle des PNJ et sa Map mais j’ai vraiment peur que par sa volonté de se distinguer des autres et de faire apparaître du renouveau il se hisse hors de la saga.. Qu’en penses tu ?

Virtus H says:

Looks a hell of a lot better than any other combat system in the whole franchise.

Jaiy/ G.O.D says:

Lol people just haven’t played with the combat yet but i bet as soon as they play the game, they will start to like it. Just that most aren’t use to seeing new stuff. I love the combat so much already by just seeing it. I’m definitely going to enjoy this!!

Jeffrey Najem says:

Best combat system in whole franchise

Spectrea says:

It looks way better with the hud elements and numbers turned off, better be customisable.

stfupills yo says:

what a fucking shit

Akuun says:

Looks similar to a RPG in an open-world.
Looks like everything starts to look like a RPG in an open-world. Well, I actually love that ! Looks awesome !

musiclover says:

What’s the name of the music please?

D a w s a c says:

The only thing that grabbed my attention is the archery and the punches, actually in the past I fantasized having a wrestling arena where you challenge greek/roman wrestlers; something similar to the fighting clubs in Brotherhood and Syndicate. Besides that, I really wish they would make some changes but less than likely to happen. So there’s that… :/

Oldschool says:

What does new Combat system matter for new stealth players?

Dakota trokey says:

I’m just saying they even said they had to take their time with this and people were getting mad that they weren’t releasing so they pretty much told those people to f off and they were gonna make sure they came out with a good game and unity wasn’t terrible there were just a lot of stuff that was taken out that shouldn’t have syndicate was the same way.

piolin 321 says:

Hey, can you give me the gameplays that you uploaded that show different things I’ve seen?

Ahmed Khalil says:

am i the only one who gives zero foucs on the combat system .. but just keep looking at places we gonna explore ?

Ray RedHood says:

Looks a bit janky but fluid in my opinion. Feels challenging finally.

Horyz says:

I really don’t like the way he dodges the attacks … he just slides into the sunset I mean wtf

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