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sir Ferrell says:

Y’all are gonna buy it anyway so hush

hs bae says:

Assassins Creed…?

Beatrice Sama says:

i only really cared about the old online.
that was super fun

Baby Murda TX says:

its when ubisoft new…they fucked up

Meister Proper says:

AC will probably be the only game that gives at least some good old prince of persia vibes ^^

Alex Rider Gamer says:

Ta tudo otimo só espero agora um BOM enredo!

Mano De Dios says:

Assasin’s Creed meets Dark Souls

Laithhh says:

i can just tell theres going to be so many microtransactions in order to buy skins for ur weapons and skins for ur outfit.. ubisoft ruined another good game series not a surprise

usman butt says:

crap copied alot from witcher 3

Ed Dgz says:

I just came here to dislike..
Ubicrap doing downgrades again.. not surprise..
Also.. what the hell with the physics? Moving arrows and dodging animals.. CAMON!

E V says:

Yes lets go

Chris says:

Must haves
God of war 4
Shadow of war
Assassins creed Egypt

Otoshigami says:

The only thing left for AC to do is become a Dynsasty Warriors style game.
Every other idea’s been milked and it seemed to work for Zelda.

YaBoi Biscuit says:

So many people complaining in the comments. Chill out. You aren’t the ones making these games, it’s not your choice. If you don’t want the game, don’t buy it. Simple as that. I think this game will be a top AC game.

Sageoftruth says:

They should call the new bow upgrade “Play Twing Twang”.

welty brush3522 says:

did he control the arrow

Sora Sakamaki says:

Calling it right now, microtransaction and boom your weapon is OP from the beginning

Jack Torrance says:

well this look good

Section X says:


julakiss says:

so, finally, Assasin’s creed has become just like any other hack and smash game. lol well, that’s a shame….

Hunter says:

Battal gazi Mübarek 😀

Risen Demon says:

It looks really, really good and this is coming from someone who’s played every AC game except the hand held ones. I’M SO FUCKING GLAD THE COMBAT IS DIFFERENT, the old system got mind numbingly boring with how simple it was. After playing the Soulsbourne games and other similar games, I want all my games to have more complex combat. The setting looks great, apparently we’re getting 100+ side missions with their own contained stories, it’s become RPG-like (fuck yeah!), there’s mystical shit like GIANT SNAKES. Everything looks so good. The only thing I’m bummed out about is the lack of tall structures, which kind of kills a long time appeal of the franchise (climbing/scaling tall buildings). But it makes sense within the context of the setting and I guess if there’s tombs and shit (maybe within the Pyramids), I’m okay with the parkour that’ll inevitably show up there. I’m hoping it’s relatively bug-free (Unity is perfectly playable now so bugs can’t be a knock against it but I still seriously hope Origins is nowhere near that amount of launch day bugs) and the facial animations receive a bit of tweaking but I won’t worry too much about that stuff until the game is out.

arbalest T says:


Deam ville02 says:

Unfortunately I’m gonna pass tbh it looks like a beautiful game but the combat is unrealistic and there is no point of level weapons.Ubisoft is trying to hard to be Witcher instead of assassins creed

Sir Bedivere Syahmi says:

looks like witcher 3 but less finishing. feel like another games to me because other past more like waiting for counter or snap hidden blade behind… Please dont ruin what assassin creed like

James Shamoon says:

This shits gonna suck ass. Was hyped about the storyline of Egypt but the gameplay is awful, i wanted to go back to sneaky kills and assassinations. Blades, knives etc maybe it might have all that. But the way the game moves doesnt impress

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