Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Gameplay – New Combat, Playable Characters & Way More (AC Odyssey Gameplay)

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gameplay from E3 2018 (AC Odyssey gameplay – Assassins Creed Odyssey gameplay)
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lil_izy says:

so where’s the hidden blade and the assassins hood?

D d says:


Masato Tanaka says:

Will there be a new trail of the god where you slay Zeus and Ares?

TED TED says:

Will it have more DLC expansion then origins in the atlas map form origins

Joel Briggs says:

It’s not even assassin’s creed anymore

Niels van Heteren says:

They better fix the frame rates

KFT says:

Alexios voice is so lifeless sounds like the voice actor has no passion to it

Arsenalfan87 says:

Will it be that you can choose easy, normal and hard like in origins when you play?

Hoàng says:

How about expanding the Kenways universe with Origins ‘s graphic?

Mohmammed Balfaqih says:

Man it’s weird that there is some people complaining about the new game that “there is no stealth” and ” how is this related to the the assassin’s”. Man, we have story we are trying to understand. Ac origins explained how the assassin’s was found and I guess Odyssey will expalin how the templer order was found
. I don’t know. But this is what I think. And yes for me I am excited for the story of Odyssey.

Wiktor Gdowski says:

2:55 wearing an eye patch just for the lols

Eren Pişirici says:

hidden blade ???

Jezus Chrystus says:

barnabas has the sword from ac origins

Nick Kay says:

Made by syndicate hope it’s good… and not trash

Paperclips says:

I thought Bayek created the Creed of Assassins at the end of Origins, what the story of this one meant to be? 🙁

Alkis TX says:

Well I now understand why you are not with the athenians because women were all day inside their house and only got out in special days like feasts, sacrifices for the gods and stuff while in Sparta they had a lot of freedom but I would have liked it if one of the characters was fighting for Athens and you could play with both and you would have to make a choice in the end Sparta or Athens and fight the assassin from the other city state anyhow any game about my country’s history is always a buy for me except if it has really negative reviews

Jay Winter says:

Wait…. If Origins is the Origins of the brotherhood then, this cant have any assassins in it surely? Also why make a prequel to the prequel?

Michael Rehman says:


travis cram says:

Does it have the “legacy” controls?

Jeff Mueller says:

JorRaptor What did you think about the Ghost of Tsushima?

2Scribble says:

It’s like they took the best parts from Black Flag (the ship combat and exploration) the best parts from Origins (the combat, the RPG elements and the open world) and the ONLY good part from Unity (the loot system) and mashed them all together…

9:12 – aw… I was hoping to FINALLY see the invention of the hidden blade 🙁

Kevin P says:

Soooo its the same game as Origins but with a diff storyline?

Grayfox87 Kurt says:

I have open a thread about beard for Odyssey on Ubisoft Forum: pls comment if you will also see SPARTAN BEARDS for Alexios –

Prometheus II says:

I’m honestly bored of the overall story, I really just want to explore the map and enjoy the grand vistas the map has to offer. That’s why I really loved discovery tour mode for origins, so i’m really hoping they do it for this game as well.

sea fish says:


Bary B says:

Will we have percentage progression for each region of the map (same as in Syndicate)? Or will it be rather similar to Origins?

Jedidja den Otter says:

Modern day storyline?

Gran Jaguar says:

So it’s Origins plus new costumes and new setting, and I was so happy

Dawaleeb Alhawa says:

I am glad they did not male the male gay as they made the girl. I’ll be playing male, more consistent.

Taha Aljlaod says:

i,will not buy it this is bad l

Bayek Of Siwa VEVO says:

Looks like a mod for origins

spoj says:

Is it just me or do the animations and movement look a lot less fluid? Hopefully that will get touched up before release.

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