Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Flawless Combat, High Action Kills & Naval Battle Gameplay

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Flawless Combat High Action Kills & Naval Battle Gameplay
Using Alexios with the magnificent mycenaean armor. I had a good time recording this one. Hope you enjoy!


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a 2018 action role-playing video game developed by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft. It is the eleventh major installment, and twentieth overall, in the Assassin’s Creed series and the successor to 2017’s Assassin’s Creed Origins


Jordan Allen Allen says:

That was one hell ever kick damn I felt it for him lol go DK

old ezio says:

Is that the Greek Mycenaean armor?

翁世瑋 says:

0:03 THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Piero Anastasi says:

This assassin is shit.
Also origins is it

E Rochwerger says:

Can u pls make some more rdr2 brutal stuff

Maicky Tozete says:

release my channel Maicky tozete

DKGames says:

Had a few flawless combat moments in this one. Spartans gave me somewhat of a tough time but I managed it 😉

More Red Dead later this week for anyone wondering. Assassins Creed and Spider-Man as usual too

Avery Smith says:

can u make some more red dead 2 videos i love those

Henri Fooster says:

Aaah After a long day of school I get to watch DKGames Keep up the great work man!

4K NATION says:

Great work!

David Mrg says:

Flawless lol no style I’m way better

Anthony Z says:

He played the easy mode… worthless

“bald” Donald Cerrone says:

don’t know whether or not to get this game any opinions?

jerok1995 says:

the game repetitive

Gunnar 50 says:

What difficulty are you on ? And i love ur vids

Lohan Goulart says:

The game is horrible in every shape and form. No longer assassins creed. Completely fell off.

negie78000 says:

No offense. I mean, I appreciate that they’re trying to change the game, and it looks good. But this honestly seems like your swords are made of paper, and you’re essentially trying to gove all the damage sponges death by a thousand paper cuts.

Антон Кузьмин says:


John Henderson says:

I’m 120 hours into the game on hard difficulty and I think this game and combat mechanics are underrated and receive unfair criticism for other reasons. It is possible to have epic fights in this game and the variety of moves, abilities, animations, and enemy tactics can result in a rather cerebral, engaging, challenging, and rewarding experience if you choose to indulge in everything the game makes available to you.

Furthermore, the overall depth of gameplay is greater than some people like to admit… Roaming the ocean for hours fighting and subsequently boarding ships in nail-biting battles on the razor’s edge of death to find customizations for your ship, crew, and abilities. Then spotting an interesting looking island and deciding to dock and see what’s there, getting involved in the affairs of the locals and having an “affair” for yourself and inviting them to travel the world with you as part of your crew (or recruiting other people by force), seeing if you can kill an entire fort with assassination abilities or brute force or a combo of both, then heading to the blacksmith but being spotted by a mercenary who’s looking to collect the bounty on your head and having to parkour around a back alley in a 15 minute fight with him after figuring out how to adapt to his moves and abilities while city guards jump in and complicate the matter, then finding the camp of the army you’ve chosen to have control of that region and helping them beat the other side as the hero in a large battle, before finally heading back out to sea to the sound of your singing crew several hours after docking, all while keeping in mind the clues you’ve found about a cultist who might be in the area and indulging in the many small tasks scattered around.

I’m 120 hours into the game and I might be half way through the story, about half way through a secondary part of the story, and from what I can tell almost finished with a third aspect of the story, in what is really three different stories playing out. I haven’t even been to every landmass yet and feel there is much left to accomplish and obtain. At no point have I felt overpowered, yet I clearly have much greater resilience and abilities. The balancing in this game is among the best I have experienced.

SinoSheisse SS. says:

flawless what? high what? I was playing better than this after 20 mins I started to play

Hamun says:

I hope they add rlly parkour moves in the next ac game

A guy very disgusted with this corn dog says:

Sub to bigpeepee player or else

Humorist Gamer Incorporation says:

idk it’s good? 6:00

enzo debil says:

so much damage sponges

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