Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Early Gameplay: Customization, Combat, & Abilities!

15 minutes of exclusive Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gameplay from the Xbox One X. This video will show you different customization of gear, combat styles, and combat abilities! BIG thanks to Ubisoft for allowing me to capture this footage at their #E32018 session.

Please keep in mind all recorded footage is from a pre-alpha build of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

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Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is the eleventh main installment in the Assassin’s Creed series developed by Ubisoft.


Polo7111 says:

Assasins creed origins new DLC is looking nice

Robert Mitchell says:

His game is identical to orgins

Im liberal Rick says:


Jack Mackay says:

I think the next game after this one will be set in Rome. I know they are set a few hundred years apart but I hope that there could be an Easter egg or maybe an ancestor of ezio that we might meet when we are in Rome

Seag says:

Literally Origins DLC

G _G says:

Looks better then black ops anyway

ac odyssey says:

i forgot eagle’s name what was it?

Hello I am Goat says:

This is definitely something I’m getting.

TwinLions777 says:

Can you choose between male and female main character ?

Sabre Gaming says:

Nice orgins gameplay keep up the work

javynavarro137 says:

no hidden blade?!? 🙁

Gd Geilite says:

Where is the hood,hidden blade? WHY THE FUCK THIS LOOK LIKE SKYRIM??

Krazie 02 says:

Hi prestige, Thanks for showbink the content, ima a big AC fan, have played then all except chronicles China and liberation. Bit i do have a question: how is THE birb called? Bye hope your having an awesome day

Raccu Man says:

I can see her panties. Underwater WET

LawandHijinks says:

JackFrags vidéo on this game was much different in terms of community feedback.

Everybody was saying it was just a 60 dollar dlc or a reskin of origins.

Like shit this game has an ocean, you can own a ship. That’s already massively different than origins.

Patrick A says:

nice footage sir,can we use shield rather than the spear head in this build? i just dont feel like a spartan fight like that,and how can they allowed it to pierce right through a shield just ridiculous to me

Sam mezni says:

Still havnt played the last one.

Nathan says:

This house is bitchin

Rouge_Ace says:

I won’t consider this an Assassin creed game unless we have the hidden blades and the hoods

Bullet Beast says:

Why does this look just like a dlc for Ac:Origins please tell me I am not the only one that thought about all it is some new things like playing as two separate characters (by the way not counting anyna or what ever her name is I completely forgot because I have not played it in a while) but still to me looks the same to me but I will still try to post on the game if I get time to play it.

venceslau3261 says:

how the heck she throwing a 7kg shield like it’s a paper plane? and why she using a chinise like stance while holding a spear? probably just bother me more than it should

Marlon Everett says:

Can you make your own character in this one?

Wild Child says:

cant wait to swim

F U E G O says:

AC Origins reskinned just like CoD.

Pierre Alexandre says:

Did you find some improvements in the parkour? Like new jump animations, or rolls animations, etc…? thanks for the video btw

joe bob says:

That dude sounds like a chick

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