Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Brutal Warrior Combat Gameplay – Arena & Ship Battles – Vol.7

Welcome back to some more Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I put together a Warrior style build the other day and wanted to test it out a bit. The game style seems to work pretty well & I didn’t have too many issues with it. I’ve been enjoying this game a bit recently, it’s been filling the gap between now and Oct 26. Can’t wait to play more. Let me know if you enjoyed, thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀


Ovi Racz says:


Carry S says:

Is this Assassin’s Creed . It’s piece of shit .

Ann Czarina Hipit says:

Awesome witcher 4 gameplay

Bill Bixby says:

Since I’ve became a beast in the new GOW, other games fighting gameplay looks completely trash

Mustafa Elassal says:

how do you get that sword

Räwg says:

@Swifty Unknown What is the build mate ? Give us a link 😀

Haruhi Suzumiya says:

Can you show us your build please? This looks like so much fun!

Strofemelo says:

A question . Are the Alpha Ships infinite?

ashley sims says:

that first kick……..Fatality!!!!

NiK888_MY says:


Biraj Guha says:

One of the best combat videos on AC Odyssey !!

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399370 says:

The best feeling in the game is Spartan kicking someone into that hole in the arena, whilst screaming “this is Sparta” for full affect.

PeLote X1 says:

More battle ship please

Shawn DeJesus says:

I’d like to see this on nightmare mode…

Ahmed Tarek says:

The combat is much more fun than origins

Liamggbb123 says:

Will using the same finishers from last game. Disappointed.

Gabriel Barreto says:

What dificult are you play?

Donnie Seeley says:

What’s the build mate?

Giuliano Antonucci says:

Do you play on Xbox one x? Or s?

jhviglioni says:

*Very good mate !!!!*

William Petrén says:

This is not assassins creed anymore tbh, feels like some crappy rpg game. Not buying this

Jazzyboo the Cutie says:

I love your video. How are you this afternoon?

Flocki says:

I do 800k headshot damage with my bow now

Adrian Energy says:

I like this combat more than ac origins

Allwyn Dlima says:

You have amazing skills. Good job on the video. However, it would really be helpful if you show the actual characters load-out and skill distribution for others to try it out as well. Cheers!

Time to Deliver says:

I love your video formating

4K NATION says:


Yovani Salazar says:

Hey! How can u change the abilities so quickly or is edited?

Domzzxd says:


Smoke the wolf says:

What do you use to record it .-. Alsoo what editing software (if u use one..)

sarggames says:

I am on fire put it out “LOL

Peter Žiga says:

How do you change your adrenaline powers?

Nemoz_BB6 says:

Nicely done. I’m level 37

Ozzy FTW says:

Im not here to be the first. Im just supporting you

M4X says:

The kick is an absolute meme

keksdieb101 says:

Looks amazing. Can you show your build?


Dude 0:00 – 0:14 Most badass opening

Whoa Don’t Zucc Me Dude says:

You are underrated, you should have more subscribers

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