Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Brutal Combat & Stealth Gameplay – Vol.2

Welcome back to some more Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I got some more stealth gameplay and a little bit of combat for you this time. I’ve been enjoying the game a bit and I think it’s a good upgrade from Origins. Let me know if you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀
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Alex Juenger says:

Nothing against you, but the assassins creed games feel so half assed

Richard Newton says:

Looks stunning. Just a shame with being released near spiderman and read dead redemption 2. Reminds me of titan fall 2 in terms of being released at the wrong time. Do want to play this, but haven’t got time for more then two massive singal player games.

Golden Goblin says:

dude I fucking love these vids !

Physx says:

Epic I mean damn

Zahin Elahi says:

who else dislikes the game?

Koik Ptet says:

So, can we considerate the spear as a kind of “magical harpoon”?

EmpireZ Creed says:

These are so satisfying to watch

BobamkeGaming says:

Nice one mate! Watching it now! This outfit looks crazy awesome =)
I’ll do some Odyssey Combat videos too for sure, looks enjoyable.

cyborgraupe says:

Ohh, i’m hyped for your AC Odyssey videos. They are going to be sick!

Sam Harding says:

Wait is he teleporting when
He throws the knife or what? Someone please explain

W De Rader says:

2:07 wow he can jump far

General Gaige says:

I hate stealth game play, but this looks pretty fun.

Sheldon Southard says:

Assassin’s Creed is like a TV show that was good at first, but they jumped the shark with each new season or installment, and now it’s just dragging on and it’s only a matter of time before people finally say: “Hey, this is actually shit.” and then go on to something better. AC is looking like nothing more than Call Of Duty these days. Only difference is AC is different with every game, but in the worst way possible.


Swifty is this game worth buying if I am a fan of ac games?

Playing games says:

Seila não fui com a cara desse jogo

Commander Eamon A says:

Great vid again odyssey is looking fantastic

Liam Grey says:

And once again AC3’s combat is still the best.

Biff Danielson says:

This is sparta nigga

Brandon says:

Nice combo at the beginning. But you could have used the vaulting over low objects and just more variety

I like womanizing and snowboarding says:

02:47 YOOOO they took that shit straight out of shadow of mordor lmaooooo the teleport kill!!!

The Truth says:

sooo. all stealth

Versatile1983 says:

How do you get the Helm and Chest?

Physx says:

This epic man!

Jazzy Boo says:

I love your video. How are you this afternoon?

4K NATION says:

3:41 Nice!

Jamie Davis says:

So I’m not exactly clear on the differences. Let me see if I have this right. Mercenaries are the elite of the elite and there’s a limited number of them in the game, and you can hunt them down, but you can’t pay off the sponsors. 

Bounty Hunters are endless and acts as a morality system, and you can pay off the bounty on your head, or you can kill the bounty hunter and the sponsor.

Do i have that right?

MoodSwings _ says:

My health bar is gone

Victor Faria says:

You don’t even have the secret wrist blade anymore. Wack

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