Assassin’s Creed Empire | Combat Gameplay Features Discussion – Skill Trees, Weapon Variety

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Zood Hulk says:

ac r is the best combat

robert. Roaddogg says:

or edwaru kenway combat and they should ad the hook blade again cause I thingk I would have it back then during the ancient egip tip of way if u know what I mean

Emerald Alien says:

James what do you use to record your screen? I’ve been searching far and wide and the ones I’ve found suck donkey nads.

Ben Jones says:

I hope you will be able to get all the skills if you want but you won’t necessarily have to

Diego Rodriguez says:


Amad Alrobiai says:

I hate the combat in the AC games with a burning passion. It’s so mind numbingly easy that just about anyone and their mothers could get a 500 guard kill streak with no effort. I am sick to death of the easy combat designed for filthy casuals.

oneuglyninja777 says:

unity combat no….just no.

KG0801 says:

I personally feel AC1 had the best combat system out of all the games

Jamalyo gugaratee says:

I wish the combat was more realistic. not have blocking, but instead parry, have counterattacks do damge based on where you hit them etc… I thinj thst coiulkd be very fun if done right

Captain Stud says:

Do another comment video again see my comment

Kamal Kumar says:

who am I

Terius Smith says:

ancient egypt had swords and many weapons

Thomas Van der knaap says:

wait if the game is set in ancient egypt we schould only have one hidden blade and miss one ringfinger due to lore

Ben Richardson says:

The skill tree should be like syndicate except more categories and skills to purchase. We need a well developed weapon wheel that is customisable, and those weapons need more functions, such as the hidden blade. As for combat I think we need to combine syndicates and unities together, we need the same controls as unity including the rolling and cover system but it needs to be not as laggy, it needs to be quicker and more realistic and then from syndicate we just need the close range melee styled combat. I think we should have an option to change our free run system. you can have option 1 which is how it is in unity and syndicate, or inverted which is how it is in black flag and rogue. We need a really good Story, as well as a massive graphic update. we should have co op like in unity as well as the online multiplayer from AC 3, lots of DLC and just like syndicate you can either be one assassin or change to another. Finally we need a shit tone of awesome mechanics in the game, also the game should end unfinished so then the can continue it in an AC for Rome and an AC for Greece.

Angotango10 says:

i hope ac is good next year, i didn’t even think about buying syndicate 🙁

Hamun says:

The combat mode will be more like the witcher.

Charles Peters says:

Very nice idea

mlg dobkins says:

let us fight with the hidden blades again

It'sJustHarry says:

You don’t know anything about ancient Egypt! They commonly used shields, cudgels, spears, maxes, daggers and bow and arrows with metal arrowheads. The main weapon was bows. But later they changed their weapon Arsenal to spears, sickle swords, battle axes and daggers. So they would not have been using swords. You need to do your research cause you think you know your shit but ya don’t Ye fucking retard. And I can call you a retard cause your 15 not 12.

Robasaurus - Rex says:

Did this guy say that Ancient Egyptians used fucking rocks to fight

thomas brady says:

I don’t think Ubisoft should listen to fans. Fans don’t know how to make a game. Ubisoft should be bold and follow their own instincts. By all means we can talk about the franchise and criticise it, but I don’t think Ubisoft should listen to us.

oneuglyninja777 says:

AC brotherhood yes.

Marcus Binarao says:

We should be able to customize spacific parts of your weapons like spearheads, sword hilts, and skins.

J Connolly says:

As much as I do think that the kill-streaks made the earlier games too easy, they were so damn fun to do and made the combat look really cinematic. I hope they manage to go back to it, but introduce a bit more of a challenge to pulling it off.

robert. Roaddogg says:

I thingk thay should do the ezio or altiar combat way of fight cuase it was fun and then some time it was challenging

Assasincreedgamer/ Dcgamer says:

I want it to be on ps3 n Xbox 360…..just ma opinion

Gunnar Bjarnason says:

I personally thought that the combat in AC2 was a cunt, I always managed to fuck it up somehow and I thought the combat in Unity was a bit hard but I guess it’s good to have combat hard in a stealth game(although stealth in Unity was the biggest bullshit ever)

Anttoeknee C says:

Keep these videos coming!!!!! Love them

Boki Ćurković says:

you are funny 🙂

Raven says:

U are idiot .stop it!!

The Emperor says:

assassins creed monday!

Roman Wolf says:

yes they had swords XD

MovieMaker312 says:

They did have swords in Ancient Egypt, The Kopesh was a curved sickle sword.

Frank 97 says:

I want the scabbards back! A sword can cut your leg if you don’t use one


ac empire is in egypt

kinglionheart450 says:

in my personal one I think the combat should be either like in AC Revelations or black flag maybe more like Revelations because those style would be more real in the ancient times

Miles David says:

Pickpocketing and eavesdropping should be combined into a social stealth skill tree

marvelfannumber1 says:

Did…did you just imply they used rocks as weapons in Ancient Egypt and that they didn’t have swords? That’s the equivalent of saying they used muskets and flintlocks in World War 2.

Oxi Clean says:

With the combat system, I would like to use every weapon that my character is holding. For example: in the older assassins creed games, you could use your sword, your hidden blades, your fists, etc. I’d like to be able to use all of those. I liked the combat in unity but it could’ve been better if we could’ve used the hidden blades in combat.

thx User says:

I would like to see a mixture between Unity and Syndicate in terms of combat. It should be as offensive and fast as Unity, not as defensive and slow as Syndicate. But the ability to counter should work similar to the way it did in Syndicate. A counterattack should hurt the enemy, but it shouldn’t kill him directly even if he has a lower level. And I don’t want to see combat that works the way it does in Shadows of Mordor or the Arkham series. It just doesn’t feel right for me.

FoggyLenseFilms says:

AC 3 combat is my favorite.

Xxamr gamerxX says:

iam from egypt and iam really exited for AC empire

Ryann Navin says:

Kill Connor Club? Am I the only one who liked him? awwww… lol

InformantⓋ says:

I want to use bows and arrows. Spears for ranged and close quarter combat and fuckin’ slings. Sickle swords which could also be used to disarm guards. Also, battle axes..

Ryann Navin says:

The graphics were this good in assasin’s creed 1? damn I’t been awhile since I played it thought they were worse then this.

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