Assassin’s Creed 4 Naval Free Roam and Combat gameplay

An Hour of Naval free roam and combat gameplay in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag. Played on PS3 for Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS4, PC, Wii U and PS3.

mostly boarding ships and trying to get level 3 hunter ships

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Side Stuff playlist :-


Crazyme says:

you re just a failure

Faith Chin says:

Nice try unity next

Leo Leontiadis says:

Mortal kombat x is Eppic

Okts Chill says:

U falled Alot xD

Gardênia Gomes says:


pesoff says:

Why’s the graphics so shitty?? Ah, PS…….

paliyama production says:


Steven Cook says:

Thank you, this is the first video I found without some guy talking into my ear. Sometimes you just want to watch the battle you know…

Aldo Selistai says:


Hayden Rowse says:

5:14 im just like
“oh dear” but you survived lol

MrRushSkies says:

5:12 LOL

Vegito says:

Hey. Since you love sea fights why dont you upgrade your ship? You can do anything and take half the original time.If you have problem with money get treasure maps it will take you awhile but it will be worth it. I captured every fort plus upgrading it will make game more fun


I gotta get this game sometime this year hopefully

COD FAN says:

6:36 your ship didnt take any damage and you choose to repair jackdaw, you shoud lower wanted level

T-ReXaSaUrUs SpInOsAuRuS says:

Some might not agree with me but I think AC4 is better than Unity and Sydnicate

Frederik Schortz says:

sound is bad

EX X says:

nice ending with you dieing it was cool like blackbeards death

Lightning HD says:

Nice just to sit and watch in the background 🙂 good quality video of pirates

Sam Nyström says:

What’s this guy got against sea shanties, eh?

AFGuidesHD says:

+Sam Newstrom Copyright

djassem benakcha says:

assassanis 4 for

ganster io says:

how do you recird

Nicky Pimyotha says:
Jayman493 says:

The next step for video games is space battles.

darthkahn45 says:

Well fought cap’n!!

Jim Jacob Motol says:

Wtf? You always use repair jackdaw? But its fully Repaired! You should use lower wanted level

Andre Ki says:

wow your ship freaking sucks upgrade it! my jackdaw could one shot yours

Nashwa Elesawy says:

not cool

karen kouassi says:

pirates c’est tros cool

H4Cks 4 Lif3 says:

This game sux in consoles specially the xbox 1 i love to play this on pc

Estarrmann Mann says:

Get crews bed so you can get more members

movies allthetime says:


bswalzz says:

Hi! In the naval free roam, does the enemy ship like respawn or is there a limited amount of them, so you can like destroy them all and then youre like.. done? 


This guy is for sure my 2nd favorite Assassin. I like all of The Assassins,But if I had an order it would be.

1.Desmond Miles
2.Edward Kenway
3.Altair Ibn La Ahad
4.Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
5.Connor Kenway(Ratonhnhaké:ton)

Adewale,Aveline,Shaun,Rebecca,William,Clay,All of the Assassins are cool and I like them all but I had an order that would be the order I like them cause I like them all in a relating way,Desmond and Edward are my 2 most favorite Assassins cause they both have something that really rang with me,But all the Assassins are cool cause they fight for free will and free will is awesome,No one can tell us what to think,we must be wise. VICTORY TO THE ASSASSINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. to all dead Assassins. May you rest in peace.

Jackson Larson says:

That is one fancy self loading swivel gun.

George Lazar says:

Îmi place la nebunie

Ricardo Pineda says:

black flag is way better than rogue…

D-Siple Gamer says:

Great vid but no offence but your blocking could use some more practice 


VICTORY TO THE ASSASSINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zyaire Evans says:


nidhal adjeroud says:

its very هايلا

Nizzam Razzak says:

iam havin rogue but i personally love the caribean sea all blue and naturistic

Hunter Davis says:

I like how you don’t talk during gameplay. most people talk about stupid shit and talk too much

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