Assassin’s Creed 4 Free Roam and Combat gameplay

Some free roam and combat gameplay around Havana in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag. Played on PS3 for Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS4, PC, Wii U and PS3.

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Tracy Jones says:

loving it on my ps3!!!

Serenity in silence says:

Pets cat. Then air assassination lol!

Alex Temple says:

Is the combat easy…. or are you just making it look easy?

theirishman wwe says:

they used assassins creed 3 combat. they should of brought back taunts

JJBgamertag says:

Boring DO A FUCKING COMMANTARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

galaxypeagasis105 says:

the combat looks so uninteresting, I hate it 3: I prefer ezio’s combat move better

teufeldritch says:

I like AC4 a lot but it’s waaaay to easy. 

ronan pakai says:

What swords are you using? Great vid man!

Terminator5581 says:

Are you playing it on a ps3or ps4?

Kee Zhen Nan says:

man his moves are so girly though btw i mean edward lol but still he is still badass

readlight27 says:

The combat moves are similar to AC 3.

Mamluk Sultanate says:

In my opinion the climbing and parkour animations are good. But in AC5 i think they should pay attention to the combat system and change it because it gets repetitive. It’s the same combat as in AC3 

WoodBlock707 says:

How many guns can he hold ?

Cameron Smallwood says:

Altairs combat sucks ass. Ezios combat got better. Haythams combat pimp as fuck. Connors badass. Edwards cool as hell and badass. Desmond’s got better in each assassin game in the 3rd one total badass

Bass Kidz says:

Most of Assassin Creed Black Flag Enemy were Alien!! I need to shot them 3 times to dead .

chris meany says:

You make the combat look really easy. What difficulty level is this?

P_van P says:

this guy is killing every soldiers.,

Mitch N Mitch says:

More looting and a bit less fighting next time and many you should put commentary on to give us info and tell us what your doing next

Él Bien Chingón says:

Some character movements look cheap I’m sorry if my opinion offends anyone.

Won Kim says:

best part of the game!

Karmiangod says:

Compare that to Assassin’s Creed Unity. And yes they’ve taken on step backwards.

Alpha Kenway says:

Pressing Circle/B your close to them (while running) will automatically loot a Courier making it much more faster and less chance of getting caught by guards. I learnt this the hard way; in AC3, if you kill the Courier before OR after you loot him, it automatically raises your notiriety. At least they stayed on the ground.

MrGamegeorge says:

3:15 and the sword comes flying

cbangbang7 says:

this combat is soooooooooooooo much better than Assassin’s Creed Unity!! it’s not even funny.

Waltaro91 says:

Will they ever make the combat harder … -.- 

AFGuidesHD says:

Assassin’s Creed 4 AN HOUR of Free Roam gameplay (Free running, Minigames, Naval & more)

galaxypeagasis105 says:

took out everyone THEN disable alarm when there’s no one left wtf

galaxypeagasis105 says:

hey you do know that you can shoot people by just pressing the shoot button once right? its faster and look cooler :3

Lynne Hoover says:

do you know about throwing knives

Tim Dumoulin says:

Dude your awesome!!!….I suck at combat…did you upgrade edward.??…I never seen those moves you did!!

Jessica Hortz says:


Alpha Kenway says:

That akward moment.

When the game tells you to tackle your target AFTER you kill him.

bokalarm1 says:

Lol, kills all enemies then sabotages alarm 😛

Kral Gamer says:

EU super or

Cyril Reignhardt says:

how the hell do you block?

natan3002s says:

I don’t know why but I suck at fighting in ac4 I can’t pin point the countering, I liked assassins creed revelations fighting better or maybe it was just ezio

Lonely Leaf says:

More running, less fighting.

Fernando_980 says:

lol u thought he was going to fall in the water 0:32

fighting champ says:

Can u do free taming when u complete ac4

TPike777 says:

I actually cant stand to look at another one of these games. Theyre so much fun but its just the same shit over and over. Kill him..Chase him..Eavesdrop on him..kill 20 guards while using my feet to play They need to put a leveling system in this game or at least change how it progresses somehow..A skill path, maybe u want more strength and in turn can climb buildings faster, jump further or can reach spots u otherwise couldnt. Maybe build a stealth and speed char and have EVERY mission possible to be done without ever getting caught. or maybe a sword isnt your goto weapon, perhaps people would enjoy the opportunity to gain experience with different weapons, exceling in just 1 main weapon while the others peak at a lwr lvl. The ideas r endless I have NO clue why ubisoft goes brain dead everytime they make a sequel to this game. I should be on the god damn development team.

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