Assassin’s Creed 3: Brutal Combat Gameplay – Haytham Kenway’s Rampage [PC RTX 2080]

Welcome back to some more Assassin’s Creed 3, this time I’m playing on the pc. So I had to restart the game again which I’m okay with, so I’m playing as Haytham Kenway, father to Connor Kenway and Son to Edward Kenway. Between Connor and Haytham, they do have similar fighting styles but when it comes to the swords Haytham’s is a bit different and I actually prefer it over Connor. I’m gonna have a lot of fun playing through this game again, let me know if you want more on this game. Thanks for watching and thank you for the support 😀
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Loxiter houder says:


jhviglioni says:

*Good vid Bro*

GCF - PC Gaming and Modding says:

You should make videos when the remaster comes out!

ollie procter says:

Why only 17 comments on such a great video?

Cheeky Orc says:

Always good for a throwback

jhviglioni says:

*Swifty do not forget who supports you from the beginning, you go far.*

Swifty Unknown says:

Screw it, double upload today.
Don’t miss my last video

EmpireZ Creed says:

I can’t wait for the remastered edition

MyraLee Shields says:

More ac odyssey

David Rosev says:

Now this is a good Assassin’s Creed

CJ BOSS says:

Best ac

Rocco Leard says:

Awesome vid once again

Jesus Bayez says:

can you pin me plz

Soviet Comrade Stalin says:

Wrong video… I see….



infernus clan says:


Bekovsky says:

Need ac3 remastered massacre

Серов Виталий says:

Good,very good,my friend 🙂


I love haytham

Adrian Juarez says:

Are you gonna star playing pc or are you still an xbox guy?

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