Ashes of Creation – COMBAT GAMEPLAY!!! Pax Details, Class Skill Icons, New UI & More

Stay Up To Date With Ashes of Creation Development. We got a FIRST LOOK AT COMBAT IN ACTION with the combo system!!! All the PAX details and a ton more.

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Metroid1221 says:

Solo content might look slow, but it’s an MMO… You are going to be grouped with multiple other people and timing your attacks around them – if there is any synergy between classes you will need this extra time to plan out your attacks. You also won’t get eye strain and FPS lag from tons of skills being spammed 24/7

misterRDF says:

Awesome, I was stoked when you started to cover this game. Back in the day when ESO was new, you were my go-to guy. I imagine it will be the same for this game.

Gendgi says:

All this people wanting to “bash” the game or whatever, I have been playing games specially MMOs for over 20 years, and I still get excited for new titles, and specially this one, yes it can be a bad game but it is very hard to make games and specially hard to make a successful MMO, so I wish them all the luck and if they succeed in making a great game all of us win, one can dream, great video by the way! 🙂

Aercau X says:

The bar gives a nice Classic Final Fantasy feel, but i personally expected something more. But it seems as though this is just to showcase for PAX. And since its still in Pre-Alpha, any abilities we see *_might_* be changed later on.

I’m hoping to see other kinds

Timy432 says:

I try not to hype myself over games, but so far this looks gorgeous! I really hope they can pull through!

u even swift? says:

this game is a money grap.

Mykkala Shay says:

I love your enthusiasm!! It makes me happy!! Keep these awesome videos coming. I’m really excited for this game, can’t wait to see how it develops.

courtgame says:

Notice his glasses are blue. I think hes looking at a blue screen lol

Greg Walker says:

ive given up on mmo’s .. so much hype… so many promises…

Zee Zee says:

but honestly the combat and the effects issssss. not that impressive im expecting not flashy like dark souls style i want it make looks simple.i dont know if you agree with me guys.

Wolfgang Scholz says:

I can´t help but this video contains so much hype, it really looks like a paid one. It would have been more authentic to present progress in a less ecstatic way. I can´t take people serious who say in almost every sentence “this is so good”, “oh my god is this good” etc. Just calm down a bit., get down-to-earth and also talk about the risks and downsides of the game so that there is a balance.

Jesse says:

Looks like you’ve got a lot of negative comments – don’t worry about them; every content creator (especially on Youtube) gets them. It’s tough to ignore them, because it sounds like they’re angry at you, but really they’re just angry at time itself because the game isn’t out yet, lol. Gotta remember that when reading their comments.

Well, sometimes criticism is useful, so don’t completely ignore them. Ignore the part of your brain that tells you it’s a personal attack, because it’s not. Thinking about it logically, these guys have no reason to attack you personally. But take into heart what they’re saying and try and understand why they’re saying it. Perhaps put a disclaimer in following vids reminding the watchers that the game is in development, and what you’re posting is all that we’re getting right now. You’re just as excited as them and you’re putting in some effort to provide everyone with the same excitement as you. It’s annoying to see people calling your title clickbait, when really it’s just a reflection of this excitement. And even if it is clickbait – you’ve gotta entice people too. Some people just don’t get that because they don’t make videos themselves.

Keep doing what you’re doing man, I think you’re doing great. See negative comments as a challenge on how you can improve your next videos, and let them sculpt you into such a creator that doesn’t even get any more negative comments. I’m looking forward to seeing more, so I’ve subscribed.

Peace out. You’ve got this.

A Monotheist Translation says:

Art looks great but the animations and gameplay look slow and lame.

kingragnork says:

Very underwhelmed from having played this game at PAX West over the weekend. Animations are solid, graphics solid, it runs well on the machines they had (obviously). Combat was my biggest gripe, also targeting and UI. Very by the numbers.

Zarg says:

Looks boring and slow. Action combat (TERA) or go home.

mickirugi says:

I look forward to your AoC updates. I feel like you exude the hype I feel while also condensing all the info coming out into neat packages.

Primal Cortex says:

looks very good btw, not shit discotec and actions shit , hype

Brian Lapoint says:

Yea cause otherwise peeps will macro with timers to pull perfect combos

Samurai Salamander says:

I believe the last icons for the skills are the ‘utility skills’ they’ve mentioned in previous streams

Giannis Stavropoulos says:

its only pry-A

Vress Games says:

Nice one Ziz, love the level of energy in your videos! Feeling really good about the combat following Pax!

Ryan Nichilo says:


Haywood Jablowme says:

I like everything they have put out so far, but it’s too early to judge very much. The plans for this are very ambitious for a startup run by a guy with zero development experience. I’ll be following this game for sure, but I held off from throwing any money at it until I see something besides demos. If they actually pull this off the game won’t be out until 2020 or later anyway.

Zaraki Kenpachi says:

I personally think realistically shaped weapons look better. Sure you may be strong enough to carry unnecessary weight everywhere you go, but why would you when you can just carry a perfectly well balanced blade and be ten times more effective than you would be with your huge chunk of metal. If you want oversized weapons grab an axe or a hammer, a sword is not a bashing weapon.

Chris Harding says:

Way to go, have your stream UI cover up the content you are trying to show off and explain

immdev says:

What’s wrong with camera angle? It’s okay if everything you want is to stare at ass, otherwise it’s awful.

huh what says:

hope they discard that ‘red bar’ skill combo thing. The last thing mmos need is features forcing players to be looking at casting bars or cooldowns instead of being able to be looking at the action taking place in the game.

ZombieBrainsDev says:

Please remember everyone this is PRE ALPHA. This was meant to give you a gist of what the combat will be like and the animations and spell effects. This game, if everything goes REALLY well will get a release in 2019. And to be frank, if it gets a release in 2020 it will be doing better than every other crowdfunded mmo currently in development.

ScaryCactus says:

I like how in the description its says its Dragon Age:Inquisition

Jason Scott says:

This guy is riding the hype train. Must be paid by Intrepid Studios. Great propaganda piece. I am gonna like this video because your a likable guy and very good at communicating but your following the wrong game. This game is another “No Mans Sky” a bunch of broken promises.

Ath Athanasius says:

Any idea if current AoC suffers “casting lock” ? i.e. if you start a spell/ability that has some form of cast time (either before it does anything, or it’s an effect over time thing that you channel) are you able to interrupt those at all? If so can you interrupt by then trying to cast some instant ability instead ?

I’m thinking here of the issues Star Wars: The Old Republic had when it first launched.

Also, can mobs happily clip through each other or are the forced to maintain separation? Another issue SWTOR had was such enforced separation which meant any ‘tank’ character moving slightly could cause a whole reshuffle of the NPC crowd around them. Also one of the “in the action” NPCs dying would then cause a reshuffle as a new one took its place. This was very frustrating for melee combat players.

Rayd1214 says:

Thanks for the recap. I’m optimistic about this game but I need to see actual combat before I get too excited. Different classes, scenarios, etc.

I might finally have an MMO to play that isn’t Guild Wars 1 or 2 if this game pans out.

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