ALLIED COUNTER-OFFENSIVE – Combat Mission: Final Blitzkrieg Gameplay



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Welcome to DiplexHeated – also known as Diplex – home of Men of War – Men of War: Assault Squad 1 & 2 – Star Wars: Galaxy at War – Battle of Empires – Totaler Krieg – Total War – Robz Realism – Red Rising – Modern Mod and more! I also upload mod and mods gameplay – lets play – playthrough and walkthrough


MegaGazp says:

good game. i enjoy playing this one

Captain Piett says:

I can’t find this game on steam :l I’m putting on “Combat mission: Final blitzkrieg” And nothing but some other games including blitzkrieg is coming up. T^T

Conrad says:

Is this game on steam? If it is I would like to know what the name of it is because nothing comes up when I search Combat Mission

Matteo Cristoforetti says:

I don’t like this game…

The Rookie says:

Rough start, but in war that is to be expected. Awesome video, Diplex. Keep up the good work!

watashi Me says:

do a battle against the desert fox in Africa

Charles van Dijk says:

Bust the roads and the tiger will get bogged too.

Riot Felix says:


cameron harvengt says:

where can you find this game? i searched it on steam but its not there

aquafresh says:


Jack2312 Fitzpatrick says:

bring in the brits

Dusan Stojkovic says:

Diplex on what site did you buy combat mission games?

Will Kirkland says:

do a major tank battle of Sherman 105’s vs panzer 4’s

Mathew Baltrusch says:

I got all my friends to play the game with me we are on day number 6 and they took all the allies so im Germany

Angel Prado says:

More please?

Ostfront 00 says:

Diplex, I dunno what game or mod you should use but why don’t you recreate the ambush of easy company and that British (why do our tanks suck!) tank unit when they’re in Holland

08jag80 says:

Roads need to be moded.

cole gibson says:

make this a mini sires pls and can we see a German tank counter

Main Gaming 5 says:

Wow duplex likes this map

Max Tompkins says:

Hey Diplex you should play more robz realizm mod on multiplayer

Eric Guignard says:

good job smoking that tiger tank and panzer4 tank 2 ok

OGMarkyplays says:

Now this is the type of shot that will get u a boner

Florian Van den Broeck says:

make a campaign like this the us army come from normandy and have to push trough the german defenses and counter attacks

CursetheVandal says:

Please keep playing this game or mod whatever it is is amazing

romewarrior says:

plz do more of black sea and i love yur video!!!

The_Herobrine 509 says:

i think the MG will be more effective in the 4th floor

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