AIR COMBAT! – Battlefield 1 (Multiplayer Gameplay)

Battlefield 1 multiplayer gameplay from BF Squads. Enjoy!

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Twitchy says:

Looks like shit.

Pineapple Is Better Than Apple Company says:

How did you get bf1 doseint it reales oct 2016 srry about spelling

The_Capiltalist says:

The Blimp auto dies after the two minutes left mark :/

Brennen Berry says:

How does every time he dies he gets another plane when I play there is always no plane there I have to wait ages

ouchyg says:

While there is a lot to like the plane stuff does seem like “fight for a moment then fly to the edge of the map to auto-heal. Rinse and repeat.”

Don Bowman says:

at 9:20 he takes out @WhiteBoy7thst in a multikill

jack moopoo says:


Dee Grim says:

so is that the end of bf4 i loved that game play and i guess there is no bf5 alllllllllllllllllll

Nandorg Frankie says:

hope they release a dcl of the red baron!!!

Stacy Shelton says:

any one else thought it was sick where he jumped to the back of the plane

Vladimir Makarov says:

At 6 52 in the video seananners Kills ponylions

Hidden Lotus says:

The guns on the plane are behind the spinning things, how is that an effective asset in war when the bullets would be hitting the spinning things everytime they shoot?

1stFallschirmjägerRgt says:

I really want to see the Air Superiority mode come back. Love it in BF4, and loved the Fighter Squadron mode in Battlefront. These planes’ engines and guns sound amazing.

Nicholas Pont says:

THIS GAME_________ 😀

Jairred Stephens says:

I was kinda hoping he’d fly into one of those barrage balloons

DatBoiKing says:

This looks awesome

globalchaos1984 says:


Forest Monstre says:

Wait… The wings heal?! I had no idea that technology existed in WWI… Wow, modern militaries have failed hard, you would think they would use this technology today… What idiots!!

Destroyer Inazuma says:

Is PonyLion the super secret identity of DigiBro ? =)

Austin Squires says:

So is this 1974 bf

John Burnett says:

the gunner looks hilarious lol

Willie Jordan says:

Can you get that camera angle on Xbox one???

Motherbrain Jr says:

Hearing that scream from that crashing attacker send chills down my back…

Guild Of Crafters says:

omfg i got the 2000,s like 😀

Michiel de Wit says:

This dude CANT fly mate sorry. I stopped watching after 4 mins

Sgt. Esposito says:

No way was that a scream at 12:40?! This game sounds sick af I really want it now

oddHyphen says:

PonyLion you fucking faggot, you should have watched the zeppelin come down.

Mr Sluggo says:

Mighty good flying. I’m impressed.

Johnny Lopuszanski says:

i wanna see the bombs hit

Bruno Azevedo says:

this gameplay is pre alfa, air combat is completely different now

Marek Budzinski says:

Are you playing with ps4 or pc, when pc please tell me its name.

amir shake says:

lol. he killed whiteboy7sth at 9:29

codies channel says:

I would be the person to try to bail out of a biplane and hijack a airship.

DBOY says:


doyoufeeldumbreadingthislong name says:

does someone know if there is gonna be a steelbok version of this game

CLAN YES says:

nice man

Vacas Submarinas says:

sea nanners killed him at 6:50!

Ryan Smith says:

play bf 1943

Audiligence Gaming says:


RespectedGamer72 says:

So every time the plane looks like it’s going out of bounds and then makes a sharp u-turn, is that the game automatically bringing you back into the action or is that you steering it back into the action? I know this isn’t your footage, I’m just asking the question in general if anyone has an answer.

fearfactor009 says:

fly so slow and so boring zzzz i love J-10 base rape forevrr !!!!!!

CptnConstant says:

Yay no lock on spam

TqFinax says:

Concerning the battle narrator. It isn’t a bad one. Although, I believe it would be nice to have in a sense an authentic sounding narrator per side. For the Brits give us a authentic British narrator with a accent more correct for the time period if possible. The current narrator could possibly still fit in while in the use of aircraft on the British side. Do the same for the German side, and so on.  – Perhaps it will be possible to insert a couple narrators per side that is differing between what you choose to do. As in having a separate narrator for when flying in an aircraft. The narrator can be more calmer as the one already presented. The narrator for ground forces can perhaps sound more like a high officer or general. Maybe tank crews can have a tank commander narrator. Only do this if this seems feasible, and possible. Although, I will like to stress at least establishing one narrator that is specific, and differing to each side.This will allow the battles to feel more dramatic, and more immersive in my opinion. I understand that the game isn’t meant to be perfectly accurate. Although, given that this game will be based during the WW1 time period, and given the opposing sides, with their many differences during the time. I believe this would be a suiting addition to the game, and a essential one. The addition of authentic narrators per side will also add to the overall appreciation, and entertaining factor of the game in my belief. Many players look for things like this in games. Players want to really feel like they have gone back in time. It’s up to the designers to deliever, and the better they deliever, the better they will do. – So maybe EA, and Dice can look into such a thing? I certainly hope so.

ZzryaEn0 says:

game looks awesome but the planes are to slow.. 🙁

Scotty Bhoy says:

this game look great but like bf3-4 its gunna be arcadey as fuck 20 bullets to kill one infantry and the vehicles a chimp can fly em.

BFcod has lost its roots if you ask me

Henry Edwards says:

Is it just my immaturity and ability to be easily amused or does anyone else find someone poking out the back of a bi-plane spinning around shooting, hilarious? Especially with that little helmet! Lol

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