AERIAL COMBAT – Ultra Fast Gameplay (PlanetSide 2)

Since the LA 2.0 Update I’m totally addicted to the jets again, the ambushers is what I was waiting for to play the badass in the trailer! And the airborne cone of fire buff with carbines make some very interesting plays possible where movement is combined with shooting. Very high skill cap for this playstyle, I’m still learning it!

Since I discovered this music, I knew it would fit great with some fast paced air combat gameplay, unfortunatly it’s copyrighted, it means I will not earn anything from it coming from Youtube. so please
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Planetside 2 NC Gameplay on Miller

Official website:

Music 1: Zonderling – Tunnel Vision (Don Diablo Edit)


Check out the best PS2 images here:

Download the recursion stat tracker (Double kill, etc…:

Voice pack I use:
My PC Specs:
MSI Z710A Mainboard
Intel Core i7 6700K CPU –
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 –
16Go DDR4 Memory –

LG 22inch Monitor
Logitech G502 Proteus Core Mouse –
Roccat Isku Keyboard –
Cyborg Glide Mouse Pad –
Gunnars Glasses –


권오민 says:

nice music and nice play lol nice video

Zac Lewis says:

That beat went sooo hard with the video. I loved it. Wish I could support you but I’m not financially stable at the moment. Keep up the hard work though if you can!

MikeP5830 says:

Well I’ll be god damned, one of the best montages you ever made

SunnyXtreme83 says:

Thats what i like ultra fast !!

heptagonrus says:

Yeah, looks even more Alien 😀 3 tanks with C4 – awesome! Nice slowmo pieces at right places. So condensed eyecandy 🙂

The Rogue Wolf says:

2:17- When you have to kill fast, and bullets too slow.

Rob Fitzpatrick says:

Great Video!

Learning guitar says:


Phobos DE says:

Great Vid keep the good work up !

Mepulan says:


lighting fire says:

If you want copyrighted free go to footagecrate. It’s good to use

Super Sonic sonic says:

Can i have like please ?

Piotr Hulok says:

duuuude…. nice

Eben Smith says:


Sgtqman19 says:

Amazing video. Wish DayBreak would support guys like you.

Gui Aphonso says:

Glad to see myself getting oneshot in da face ^^ (I’m that 300s Tr guy AvatarSun, was ressing got OS feels good xD)

[NCIv] Powergamer007 says:

Nice video i enjoyed the music 🙂
Still wondering how you can fly into a horde of 10 players and manage to kill all of them without them giving a damn.

Kevin Doan says:

Nice vid moukass keep of the good work man

SERCORT1993 says:

Hey Moukass, nice vid and music 😀 But please, use the aerial implant at max rank, it’s WAAAYYYY more fast than this, you are literally a crazy frog 🙂 Can’t wait to see a clip with this combo. Take care.

ZayVox says:

Great sound and good dynamic . Tu régal je suis trop hype tulu tulu tulu ….

Adrián Lengyel says:

Fuck Yea !

MordecaiAnd Rigby says:


AlSudairy .K says:

Can you do more Sunderer videos please?? I LOVE THEM i still, re-watch them

- GreenPiece - says:

Man how did u canceled your reload at the beginning? is because u had a last bullet?

Jemuel Thomas says:

Rock the jet
Step up let
All you get
This is it
Pump it go
Feed it so
Rock the arrow bow
Light refraction
Voice injection
Bullet deflection
Sex reflection
New invention
Can you feel the Ascension

Gary H20 says:

Moukass great job! Makes me want to play planetside 2 again ;-;

Oleker says:

It boggles my mind how those players are so oblivious about a LA jetting around on them. On emerald as soon as I put my head out, i’m already being shotted by 96+ AODR zergs and butcher HS-Only HA’s…

Jak Vokun-Sos says:

one of the best montages

corni SMB says:

Moukass I have a request. Could you do an Squad Gameplay Montage, where you showcase a base raid operation with a big squad that communicates via TS/ discord… in an edit style like this video,pleeeaaase? I think youre capable of that and this game deserves to get more attention of its unique squad gameplay it offers.

Eben Smith says:

Also, check out NCS music

Ynte Van Abbema says:

Nice video. Keep doing it how you want to do it.

Max Walsh says:

Love these epic videos

john vincent velasquez says:

Im a Total noob in air vehicles
All I can do Is hope the gunner seat is open

Boyanhristow says:

Another amazing video from my man Moukass.
Was feeling a bit down but this got me energized.
I’m sorry you couldn’t monetize it but in the end it turned out amazing.

AlSudairy .K says:

Very work, i love that your priority is epicness and quality rather than money. Thats why i subbed ages ago

javon swain says:


jeremiah manson says:

Great Video

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