Ace Combat Infinity Gameplay (PS3 HD)

Ace Combat Infinity single player campaign ps3 gameplay.


fox little fox says:

Master Jiraya, is that you pervy sage?

82drumhead says:

Game takes two fucking years to download. Now I’m stuck on level 3 because I don’t have the 300000 damn “credits” to go to the next level! And how the fuck does this game take place in the future when you…yet again…start me out with a shitty ass F-4 airplane from the 50s? Stupid ass game full of dog shit and aids. Uninstalling.

bob hopes says:

If you want to play a free game that keeps disconnecting you from the ps network halfway through an online round…then then this is the one for you.

Mr. Racer says:

icke fur men teul find det janzz shon gut odr net ??

darkguy300 says:

fuck this micro trasatons

flyjeray says:

F2P… Nice.

Josip Vidackovic says:

this game for ps3 its free

HellMinion88 says:

so commander goodfellow is Gordon freeman?!

Eight Virtues says:

I noticed ground forgiveness when you point your aircraft toward Earth. Cool-looking game. I liked the third one for PS1.

Kike Fco says:

un juego que se necesitan mas de 100 ciclos de vida para poder completarlo y luego errores como gpb —> de nivel 5 a nivel 3 A quien se le reclama ? son mas de 1.000.000 de creditos . que alguien me diga si le ha pasado algo parecido por que se me quitan las ganas de seguir comprando combustible.

arsnakeheart says:

Whoa, over 20 minutes of gameplay, I can’t get that in a single sitting

Sandeep Mahendra says:

It is free on the playstation store now

gabriel gustavo says:

deveria ter split screen

A,f VIDEOS MAX says:

Puto juego feisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooo noooooooo lo descargennnnnnnnnnnnn Xd X(

Youssef Hamraoui says:

i dawn this game new

RobertsDigital says:

The best aerial combat I ever played was in BF2 multiplayer….so far no Jet fighter games beat BF2 as it was based on Air, Land and Sea battles…Not even battlefield 4 was as good as bf2

M-NOBLE-4- says:

Looks like thry’ve gone back to Shattered Skies ways. I like it

Milyunlocos vlogg says:

Its free!! In the psnetworly

Lucasco says:

better than shitty War Thunder

Olivier oliver says:

who have ps3

Dave Von Saunder says:

Why are the graphics worse? Fucking Shinzo Abe!!!

Based Societte says:

Used to hate the game but once you get used to this it actually pretty good flying with Rafale M Vent D’Ange now

LA 9 says:

ainda estou no ace combat zero the belkan wars (T_T)

John LaPaglia says:

The gameplay is a bit too fast, making the game unrealistic. In real life, jets are much slower.

Giovanni Ruiz says:

ed my b

Dragnoxz Zanox says:

Dude, this screams VR-World.

Rahul SH says:

graphics look pathetic

Shawn Ross says:

I only came to wayxh this gameplay because its free in psn store…thinking about getting it

Bjorn Decker says:

takes forever to download, need fast internet! (5GB game , 6GB updates) without Ethernet usually will say connection timed out

Rafif The Second says:

So… is it the prequel of Halo series?
i mean they mention the UNSC?

John Ramirez says:

NO wonder its free, it will get you dizzy

zakaria raoui says:

ace combat infinity more like ace combat play every 4 hours 1 time

the NIGA says:

Me parece una mierda que ni siquiera pueda empezar despegando el avion … ni evacion al enemigo.. ni misiones que valgan la pena … tenia que ser gratis esta porqueria

Patrick Boyd says:

Anyone remember ace combat 4

GV Lash says:

which one is have better grapichs this or assult horizon ?

vedant mittal says:

suggest a good jet game for x box one which has good graphics

Juan Victor says:

da pra jogar de dois? no mesmo console?

Juninho Lima says:

Ei galera que joga ainda o A.C infinity deixem seus id aqui ou add lá    mlkdafall

Giovanni Ruiz says:

This game cause the holocaust

FireBoy Gaming Firedasher says:

nice game on the PlayStation

decius gamer :0 says:

the game is online?

Jamir Sellers says:

takes forever to download and install

LegolordxGaming says:

No more 9/11 because it already happened ” V. dum tst”

zDavidPro Br™ says:

this game is free ?

Sangheili Rawr says:

The UNSC? Halo is in AC now??? Jk. If only this was on Xbox..

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