Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – PS4/XB1/PC – Gamescom 2018 Extended Gameplay

Hold on to your seats, we’re flying you to Strangereal: get a taste of what’s coming with this extended gameplay video of ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN. Available January 18th 2019 on PS4 and XB1 and February 1st 2019 on Steam.

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Gabriel Mari says:

Looks cool but there’s too much chatter. Hope there’ll be an option to tone that shit down.

Ahmed Elsisy says:

No one can handle all those G’s

Irakli Gogoshvili says:

All those simulator games need is the sense of speed like they did a great job in Driveclub™

DanMak says:

I’m a bit skeptical with how quick you can pull sharp turns when using the airbrake

very Assault Horizon ish, I hope I’m wrong.

Michael Breckshot the Soldierhog says:

Keiki Kobayashi has done it again with the OST.

Travis Schultz says:

After listening to the briefing it’s no wonder why Erusea declared war on Osea

Luke Canterbury says:

Nice. Dropping a few days after my bday. Been waiting on a decent flying game/air combat game for the xbone forever. I’m a flying junkie lol when can we preorder? And what kinds of editions and content for them will there be? And will Ace Combat 6 be backwards compatible?

Olivier Pelletier says:

I know its Ace Combat but blowing a bridge in half with merely 10 rounds ….lol, come on …

placid renegade says:

Ive played them all…some great some not so! Great to see it back.

henrymac77 says:

This game looks absolutely amazing. I cannot wait!

Fabio Aragão says:

coming in 2035

jhon doe says:

Because Bandai Namco continues to deliver polished games for the PC and makes them available to Steam i will continue to support and buy their games already pre ordered SOULCALIBUR VI and Ace 7. Bethesda, Activision and EA are garbage!

ironf37 says:

beta steam ???

Joe K says:

How about more VR missions! Then I will consider buying this game, instead of waiting for it to go on sale for $19.99 so I can play the only 3 missions your giving us now.

Mr. Kinks says:

I’m so happy knowing that i’ll soon be able to relive my childhood again

Rizqy Jauhary says:


DIlaw walid says:


縫いぐるみ工房 says:

It’s so wonderful!!

Dan Sul says:

I wish they changed the comm chatter and radio chatter so it wasn’t so campy and animated. A bit of realism would go along way

Taiyoroku says:

ummm so, no extra game for steam… well ill wait for a sale XD Ty Bandai

MidNightStudios says:

3:25 Thats probably 20g

N L says:

I am ready for this game lol

aerocombatpilot says:


Viput Traikityanukul says:


Fr0s1Byte says:

That plane turns on a dime
This will be a cake walk

Pratik Patel says:

Download link

Redrover says:

Bandog makes Thunderhead sound like a Saint.

gotigers98675 says:

This AWACS guy is an asshole. I miss Sky Eye and Ghost Eye.

Riley Bell says:

I grew up with Ace Combat used to play it alot. I wish they made this game a little more realistic and less like an android game. Seems like a game that should have come out on PS3. Coming from games like Arma 3 I wouldn’t consider this in the same genre. That being said I think they stayed true to their roots I just hope they make a more realistic game in the future. I think this game has a lot of potential.

MarchingArts says:

Can’t say I find the radio chatter in this tolerable. Too much of, “You’re just pawns.”, “The ammo resupply is not for you.”, “Stay out there, even if you run out of ammo.”, we get it, move on. Not like that aspect of the story hadn’t been driven into the floor during briefing.

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