Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Gameplay – Cool Clouds And Annoying Drones

Turn on expert controls, do some barrel rolls, and take a look at the Ace Combat 7 demo from Tokyo Game Show! Featuring: some great-looking clouds.

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Alex Moor says:

“There’s only one way, buddy. You’ve gotta fight for what you believe in.” ― Larry Foulke

Justin Nielo says:

Love the wind SFX they added and the fact that the Tomcat’s wings fold around 1000 and not 600 anymore

Andy_CAI says:

For fucks sake send someone that actually knows how to play an ace combat game..this was painful to watch

Rowell Ganancial says:

I’m surprise that the Kestrel is still in service since the 5th game. O3o

Bork says:

I think Ace/Hard difficulties shouldn’t have checkpoints

kertaspaper94 says:

This could be the first AC game where I root for the bad guys. Assuming Erusea is the antagonist in this game. I also expect AC5 style story, with the wretched Belkans pulling the strings again

Zheng Of the Zen says:

Seriously, can’t you guys get some demo players with at least some degree of skill? This is painful to watch lol

iownalx23 says:

need this or some version of ac on switch. randomly played ac4 a few years back. did not know i would like it.

Dean Thompson says:

It looks like you’re going to be able to upgrade your planes with extra parts like in Infinity, sick!. Cant wait for this game.

NEKOmancer says:

This demo guy sucks.

But again, AC never asks too much skill & knowledge about air combat anyway.

burntyper says:

awesome sound

TheLeader24 says:

Same as always , people stole osean toys

Donis Fernandes says:

It’s always the same, they put someone that clearly don’t play this kind of game. YOU make this game look dumb the way YOU play it. Please stop doing that.

Random Viewer says:

Im disappointed Danger Zone wasnt playing

The Game Troll says:

Getting a massive AFTERBURNER vibe with this game and the in game soundtrack ( Like if you agree .)

Diarmuid Mikhailu says:

Love : The game
Hate : IGN guy that sucked with the game

TheBountyHunter999 says:

Looks great and I love the soundtrack! Can’t wait. ⏭

Ball Daily says:

A shame I was looking forward to landing and taking off as well as refusing but looks like they have decided to skip those features. Something that Tom Clacy H.A.W.K was doing in 2009.

wamenslot says:

I still remember beating the Ace Combat 2 in my old PS1

acematthew01 says:

lets be real, the F-14 is fazed out. And now its F-18s and F-35s.

420apache657 says:


fahim dragneel says:

i actually liked the DFM 🙁

Raymond Darmawan says:

cockpit view is better… and not for noob

leoguerrero555 says:

Painful to watch

mR Andross guy says:

If you can have all these High Def Graphics -next gen Visuals , Why Keep it Arcadey
Like I don’t get it This game can be Better Than DCS And Still be “Ace Combat”

Jean Amay says:

And I’m just sitting here, waiting for TC Hawks 3

nefarious k says:

So having the word “unknown” in titles nowadays seem so popular…i wonder why

GameSpot says:

How’s it going, flyboy?

drugstoremarc says:

Goddamn it, this guy fucking SUCKS. No wonder NO ONE TRUST THE MEDIA anymore. Fuck you

Comander555666 says:

This game in Vr will be amazing

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