ACE COMBAT 7 Gameplay 13 Minutes Demo (E3 2017)

ACE COMBAT 7 Gameplay 13 Minutes Demo (E3 2017)

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James Alexander says:

Thank god Namco has stopped messing around with Ace Combat and taken it back to the heyday of Shattered Skies.

Also awesome that the soundtrack, enemy radio chatter and briefings are back like they should be.

Instant buy!

wolfe1970 says:

Spam the missile button……OverG was so much better than Ace Combat, OverG was a Sim, this belongs in the Arcades

YUKU says:

How do u get demo

Geej1138 says:


Mario Dornelas says:


three3eight says:

Would love to see the missions be of the actual middle East instead of this fictional crap. so I can bomb the fuck out of it all day long.

Mr NiceGuy453 says:

Oh yeah we are back in the continent of Usea. I wonder if Mobius 1 will make a slight appearance. I hope so.

GMAN Toe says:

That one brief scene showed an older pilot. Wonder if it’s blaze from ace 5??

mirko mangiantini says:

ma è uscito ace combat 7 oppure no

matt patterson says:

when will this game come out

m att says:


Whirlpool Woldhek says:

Ps3 o ps4?

Excrément Flottant says:

Van you switch un thé rear seat?

Aguero Adamo says:


mark smelter says:

i cant wait for this game to come out im getting it on xbox one

kiyonexus says:

Fuckers…first 4 minutes is absolute boring shit menu and then another ad pops up after that

Renzoe Aguado says:

i cant w8 for it.. hoping dey could do it on PC..

Snapshot290 says:

Who the hell was doing the voice acting for the briefing, get a new voice actor.

Sean L says:

Kestrel.. Osea.. omfg I miss those days. – Nagase’s husband

Gagandeep Singh says:

Is it game lol??

Pariddle Igo says:

damn!! i want to feel this game!!

Sparky says:

looks to good to be true

Harold Barrios says:

I played this game on PS2 in 2008.

Gg hi Hi deed Hideed says:

Is this game out?

A Spatha says:

I hope that after you beat the game you can pretty much arm any aircraft with any munition. I always hated major restrictions to aircraft armament.

Taavi Theman says:

Nevermind all the futuristic and autonomous planes in the sky, just keep flying the good ol’ Tomcat lol

Ford Prefect says:

this series has sustained me through years of countless 1st person shooters, fantasy and football games. Jet junkies like us have little to choose from so why hate. They made great games when they could have gotten away with less! I know pilots who have played all of them, they always mention how easy it is to get the feel of true combat flying wrong. If every control response isn’t precise the whole experience is off. The truth is this is the reason not many of them are made. We are lucky someone made the effort to get it right! I’m sure the developers fought for it, and I’m greatfull! If it is so bad show me a better one!

Rick Regina says:

So… I take it Sand Island is being opened up again?

DerKreuzritter1983 says:

Talisman kill all enemy 😀

Aditya Widya Purnama says:

I only played one Ace Combat, the one on PSP, and that was awesome, can’t wait to play this one 😀

Dorian Herault says:

Bf3 air plane still better LMAO

Michał Pawlak says:

Retarded animu characters as always.

Peter Martin says:

Anyone remember Mobius 1?

Excrément Flottant says:

Ils there thé gleipnir

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